Broadridge: Managing Data to Facilitate Strategic Business Decisions

Dan Cwenar, President, Data & Analytics Business
Today’s financial services firms are supporting a diverse and demanding customer base that insists on communicating and transacting business in new and diverse ways. As a result, the financial service industry’s structured and unstructured data is increasing in volume and emerging as an ever larger and more important source of customer insight. Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:BR), headquartered in Lake Success, NY, is helping organizations process and manage accurate and relevant information from the vast ocean of industry data through their technology platforms, business solutions, and data governance programs. “We serve as the transaction and information hub for the global financial services industry, and using the treasure trove of data we manage, we harvest data to help our clients take actions that drive business results,” says Dan Cwenar, President of Broadridge’s Data and Analytics business which provides solutions to investment product manufacturers and distributors. Broadridge is in a unique position to process data related to the entire investment product ecosystem ranging from product creation by mutual fund and ETF manufacturers, product distribution by independent broker-dealers, registered investment advisors, wirehouses and other investment advisors, to product consumption by investors.

The Data and Analytics business collects investment transactions and account positions on a daily basis related to the activity of investors around the world. Leveraging the collected data, the company helps firms grow revenue, manage expenses, and monitor regulatory compliance. One novel solution empowers wholesalers to sell the optimal product to the right advisor through their predictive and prescriptive analytics solution called, ‘Opportunity Hunter’. The platform helps wholesalers predict the best sales opportunities for a specific advisor and assists them in crafting the ideal “pitch” they should make when presenting their investment products.

A critical component in Broadridge’s Data and Analytics business is an advanced product development process that creates unique solutions to meet the evolving needs of the financial services industry. Broadridge invests in technology to process, store, and secure their data assets and leverages big data capabilities from companies like EMC.
The Data and Analytics solutions use EMC’s Greenplum platform to create a single unified data architecture that enables powerful and agile analytics which provide customers with on-the-fly access to transformative decision making information.

We serve as an information hub for the global financial industry. Using the data we manage, we harvest data to help clients drive business results

As an example, Cwenar highlights The Charles Schwab Corporation—an American brokerage, fund supermarket, and banking company—as an ideal example of Broadridge’s effective data management solutions. Broadridge implemented and operates this data management solution to provide sales analytics to mutual fund sponsors who distribute their investment products through Schwab. “We process a vast amount of data everyday related to trades and asset positions from the Schwab platform and provide sales intelligence to their fund sponsors via our Greenplum platform,” says Cwenar. With the help of the aggregated data and analytics, Broadridge provides sales insights to Schwab’s clients. “We manage millions of transactions and billions of asset positions for Schwab clients on an on-demand basis,” adds Cwenar. Broadridge brings together experienced domain business and technology experts around the globe to create and operate complex and innovative solutions which helps them to be a preferred partner for financial institutions worldwide.

“At the heart of our business, we manage, secure, and enhance data from around the world with our innovative big data solutions,” explains Cwenar. Recently, the company acquired Thomson Reuters Lipper’s Fund Information Services business, which provided Broadridge’s clients with competitive intelligence on more than 80,000 investment products across the globe. For the days to come, the company plans to continue to invest in innovative solutions on behalf of its clients and provide unique big data solutions. “We intend to expand our footprint across the globe to help organizations worldwide in managing their data assets,” concludes Cwenar.


Lake Success, NY

Dan Cwenar, President, Data & Analytics Business

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