CBIG Consulting: Architecting Increased Data Access Across Business Units

Todd Nash, President & Principal, Central Region General Manager
New age technologies and new architecture paradigms have paved the way for attainable, advanced analytics in the big data landscape. A survey by Accenture in 2015 found 92 percent of organizations indicated satisfaction with big data, especially for its capability to generate new sources of revenue. And these results are not surprising. CIOs today have a pretty high technology I.Q., with extensive experience in building BI frameworks comprising industry-specific analytics to take advantage of available big data sources. “Because today’s business leaders already have a healthy understanding of what big data can do for their business, the challenge has pivoted to providing scalability and delivering increased access and speed to data,” says John Onder, Principal, Strategic Consulting, CBIG Consulting.

Headquartered in Rosemont, IL, CBIG Consulting solves complex big data issues through innovations that are specifically designed to make this wish list more attainable. In particular, their CBIG Lean™ analytics framework, CBIG Cloud™ services (AWS and Azure), and CBIG Dashboard™ service provide cost-effective, practical solutions that have much faster implementation timeframes than traditional big data development methods. “We believe in developing novel offerings that can empower and enable end users to become more self-sufficient, thereby reducing costs along the way,” adds Onder.

CBIG has also invested a lot of intellectual capital and resources toward developing realistic marketing and competitive intelligence solutions that respond to the growing demand for provable, accurate analytics in the Marketing Intelligence arena. From a marketing perspective, every business has its own strengths as well as deficiencies. CBIG’s Marketing Analytics and Competitive Intelligence solutions break down all of marketing’s moving parts into identifiable services, which can be deployed singly or in tandem with their other marketing modules to help clients zero in on the analytics that will best promote future growth and increase market share.

We believe in developing novel offerings that can empower and enable end users to become more self-sufficient, thereby reducing costs along the way

For example, CBIG helped a global life sciences company gain the ability to ingest public domain data, market bench¬mark data, and legacy internal data to provide complete visibility into a business competitive landscape. Working with CBIG’s man¬agement consultants and data scientists, they were then able to have a clear picture of market share, market concentration and product pricing.

CBIG’s philosophy stresses innovation and sharing these innovations with other professionals, to not only lead competitively but to also help ensure the future of the industry. This means hiring the best management consultants, data scientists, data analysts, and data engineers possible; promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration through its CBIG Academy™; and expanding geographically to be more accessible to its client teams.

Forging ahead, CBIG will continue to develop industry-specific solutions, and focus on creating easy-to-deploy products and services that solve challenges within business units for the industries they serve. “These solutions don’t require massive system or process overhauls and can jumpstart improvements and automation in business units such as marketing, sales, operations, and IT,” says Onder.

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Todd Nash, President & Principal, Central Region General Manager

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