Daintree Networks: Open Standards Maximizing Energy Savings

Derek Proudian, Chairman & CEO
Big data is at the heart of the Internet of Things (IoT), representing the next big technology revolution particularly in sectors like security, energy, and others. As humongous volumes of data are available from various devices, many CIOs are driven to expand their Enterprise IoT initiatives to filter out and gather meaningful data. Addressing these challenges within building energy management and the IoT is Daintree Networks, which provides unprecedented insight and control to increase energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, prevent device failure, and improve profits.

The company offers comprehensive data analytics with its range of solutions such as failure detection, multisite management and smart system alerts. Armed with data about the energy consumption of specific devices, companies can easily eliminate waste like off-hours consumption and make informed energy efficiency decisions. “Our solutions ensure significant savings through energy and operational efficiencies and empower users with the ability to determine inefficiency sources across systems and sites using benchmarks derived from the customer’s own data,” explains Derek Proudian, Chairman and CEO of Daintree Networks.

With Daintree Networks’ ControlScope, customers can easily log on to the system over the Web from anywhere and view their data across the enterprise in real-time in order to measure the energy us¬age. This helps managers monitor, analyze and control equipment and devices at any time and from any location, “Our system with energy dashboard, reports, and control center allows users to identify issues with their devices and change settings based on needs, to make operational decisions, and to reduce or eliminate scheduled maintenance,” affirms Proudian.

“We have also developed ControlScope Cloud, an offering that merges cloud-based computing with building automation technology to enable comprehensive energy management,” says Proudian. This cloud-based offering provides customers with a simple, cost-effective, and highly scalable solution for managing the facets of building energy loads and other devices, with a lower total cost of ownership.

“While several building control and energy management systems are proprietary, Daintree Networks uses open standards-driven technology, which allows customers to future-proof their facilities and is a lot more cost effective compared to proprietary systems,” says Proudian.

Our solutions empower users with the ability to determine inefficiency sources across systems and sites using benchmarks derived from a customer’s own data

With the emerging wireless environment, Daintree is teaming up with several ecosystem partners such as LG Electronics, Deco Lighting, LG Innotek, and others to create embedded wireless drivers for LED fixtures. Daintree’s ControlScope platform controls these fixtures along with other devices across the enterprise including thermostats, plug loads, fans, and many more, while providing actionable information through data analytics.

The company has hundreds of mid-size to Fortune 500 customers in various industries. Daintree Networks helped the National Bank of Arizona (NBAZ) implement a future-proof building energy management solution. The customer relied on monthly utility bills to track its energy consumption, which was ineffective. By deploying Daintree’s ControlScope, NBAZ could monitor their site remotely, and take immediate action based on the real-time information and reports. “Our solution helped NBAZ to achieve efficient HVAC, interior and exterior lighting, and exceed cost saving goals,” says Proudian.

0aintree Networks’ robust R&D group is planning on continuing to build additional analytics in products, while expanding its integration with the ecosystem partners both for hardware and software. “We will continue to work towards advancing the industry and increase adoption of building automation technologies, promote open standards, enable vendors to embed wireless directly into their fixtures for seamless deployment, and integrate with a broader ecosystem to support Enterprise Internet of Things,” concludes Proudian.

Daintree Networks

Los Altos, CA

Derek Proudian, Chairman & CEO

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