DataMetica: Be Ahead of Big Data and Analytics Disciplines

Who would have expected that the immense data produced over recent years would have lead organizations to now be data driven enterprises? With its offerings originally based on search, social media analytics and next-generation data management capabilities, big data technologies have successfully secured a position as a valuable asset in numerous organizations. “Although the opportunities are boundless, the road to effectively leveraging big data is filled with challenges,” points out Rajiv Gupta, CEO, DataMetica. One of the major pain points in big data implementations today is that it requires a different strategy to migrate the workload over to a Hadoop ecosystem. It requires a level of profound expertise that IT departments haven’t demanded and do not have. This is where DataMetica comes into the picture, bringing in almost six years of big data production experience and the skills necessary to discover value propositions in data. “We have a result-driven technology, thought leadership, and innovation in all facets of data management, which are backed by a big data Center of Excellence (CoE) to bring in the most appropriate strategy for Hadoop migration,” says Gupta.

DataMetica guides client’s from the ideation stage to reaping business value, by providing practical and industry-specific roadmaps throughout the data management value chain

Chicago, IL and Pune, India based DataMetica is a leading big data and analytics specialist having the scale, expertise, experience, flexibility, and cultural alignment to understand the analytics and data management imperatives of an organization. “DataMetica guides client’s from the ideation stage to reaping business value, by providing practical and industry-specific roadmaps throughout the data management value chain,” says Gupta. Through their experience and the suite of accelerators the company has developed, DataMetica successfully reduces time-to-market and the risk of delivering solutions.
“We have an in-house lab for incubating competency on solution accelerators, to reduce effort and cost spent by an organization,” adds Gupta. DataMetica has the industry’s most mature and fully developed practices, committed to building a long-term strategic relationship with clients.

With extensive technology experience in the delivery of large scale big data solutions, DataMetica is overcoming the challenges caused by explosive growth of data volume and complexity. “It is a plain sailing task for us, thanks to our expert technical knowhow for bringing in the proven implementation methodologies in big data ecosystem,” says Gupta. DataMetica has outlined a concrete set of service offerings with a vision of success. The service offerings, including Advisory Services, Application Development and Migration, and Legacy Modernization, are backed company’s unique capabilities around deliverables and quality.

DataMetica has a culture attuned to anticipating and understanding their customers’ needs, bringing value at every step of the relationship. DataMetica has clients in healthcare, financial services, insurance, retail and more. One such client relationship is with a U.S. retail giant. “They needed to be information-driven and proactive,” says Gupta. To capture this opportunity and get ahead, the customer was looking for a solution for browser search and cart abandonment scenarios, which involved complex analytics of web activity. DataMetica crafted a tool to introduce quick-response and re-targeting of customers who browsed online but chose to exit the website without purchasing. The solution identified a particular customer’s activities across logins, created session views of their activity and sent personalized, timely emails using advanced analytics.

DataMetica believes the key to long term growth in the current environment is to focus on being the big data “partner of choice” to enterprises seeking to navigate to greater competitiveness. “With our deep industry understanding and array of service areas and geographies, we believe we have the adequate model to continue delighting our clients and drive results in today’s dynamic environment,” ends Gupta.


Chicago, IL

Rajiv Gupta, CEO

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