Hansa Cequity: Data-driven Marketing Strategy for Real-time Customer Relation

S. Swaminathan Co-Founder & CEO
With the changing business demographics and increasing pressure to stay ahead in the competition, enterprises are compelled to organize and leverage customer information at speed. This optimizes marketing performance, increases accountability, and builds customer relationships. “We believe that Big Data is more about ‘Big insight’ and clients need to be guided through the process of establishing Big Data marketing infrastructure,” says Ajay Kelkar, Co-founder and COO, Hansa Cequity.

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Hansa Cequity helps businesses acquire customers intelligently, retain them optimally, and manage them profitably. “With a data-driven marketing thinking and strategy, we help companies build intelligent, intuitive and real-time customer relationships,” adds Ajay.

Hansa Cequity achieves this by leveraging the power of technology through proprietary and best-in-class marketing automation and analytics platforms. “At Hansa Cequity, we are creating a customer information grid that aggregates external data from multiple sources and allows for wonderful mashups with transferable data that already exists with our clients,” asserts Ajay.

Using platforms like Hadoop and R, the company is able to make consumer availability an easy business. “We seamlessly help our clients thread through all the offerings that are needed to build an integrated customer marketing solution,” claims Ajay.

“We offer consulting services in customer strategy, data management, analytics, campaign management, CRM and digital services to brands,” expresses Ajay.The company assists clients in selecting the right use cases that help them use Big Data with a data-driven marketing thinking and strategy.

Cequity SocialSmarts, Hansa Cequity’s new offering enables customers for better data transaction and creates an actionable database of intents by bringing together client’s operational data. “We have created growth capital and a leadership ecosystem for customer marketing,” states S. Swaminathan Co-Founder and CEO, Hansa Cequity. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin have rich information that brands could use to better engage with people and better understand customers. Cequity has built an API farm and middleware to access these platforms to better understand people.
Ajay Kelkar Co-Founder & COO
By moving to cloud-based data storage solutions, the firm is investing heavily in Amazon AWS-based Redshift data warehousing solutions to ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) large volumes of data and work with them quickly. “At the moment we have over 70 terabytes of customer data being hosted by us. We manage over 80 million customer records and have over 50 technologists who work on organizing and managing this data,” claims Swaminathan. Apart from consulting and technology services, Hansa Cequity has helped companies build data warehouses and data management tools.

We are building new generation data models that bring unstructured and structured data together to develop better insights for our clients

The company’s analytics team has built a series of Next Best Action (NBA) predictive models for a leading media and entertainment sector, to get up to 10 times revenue lift, thereby garnering loyalty and higher retention for the brand. They are further building platforms to help companies do better marketing.

Moving ahead, Hansa Cequity plans to expand their footprints to key global markets and various verticals where data-driven marketing is increasingly gaining attention of CMOs and CIOs. “We are building new generation data models that bring unstructured and structured data together to develop better insights for our clients,” expresses Swaminathan. Currently, the company wants to build a unique customer innovation lab that will leverage Big Data to create Customer Marketing solutions. This will help their customers to bring-in cross learning and global best practices across developed and emerging markets.

Hansa Cequity

Mumbai, India

S. Swaminathan Co-Founder & CEO and Ajay Kelkar Co-Founder & COO

Helps companies build intelligent, intuitive and real-time customer relationships with data-driven marketing strategy.