International Integrated Solutions (IIS): High Performance Big Data Analytics

John Iacone CEO
Most organizations today have acknowledged the might of Big Data. However, the challenge lies not in designing and implementing hardware or software infrastructure, but in identifying and aligning the organization around data and its analysis. In order to drive a competitive edge, organizations need to take a leap from Big Data proof of concept to fully operational and strategic initiative for their business. Having established a foothold in implementing cloud and Big Data strategies, International Integrated Solutions (IIS) offers commendable API and SQL driven big data platforms providing insights into data and drive the necessary competitive advantage for the company. Plainview, NY headquartered IIS delivers advanced analytics platforms for a spectrum of enterprises while meeting the current Big Data challenges with Vertica and Hadoop, which offer unprecedented marketing advantages and operational efficiencies to organizations. “The key takeaway from IIS is that, with the right tools for the right job, you can create smarter solutions faster and move on to optimizing and improving areas of business which were considered impossible or impractical to address,” John Iacone, CEO, IIS.

IIS architects and implements business critical projects replacing traditional database technology, the “old elephants” as Turing Award winner Michael Stonebraker calls them, with a big data platform and tools that are designed for the analysis of terabytes and petabytes of data. Also, such technologies reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs of these databases designed in the 80’s, like Oracle or DB2, improving productivity of existing staff. Briefly describing how IIS makes a difference with its solutions, Iacone says, “An organization can make real progress within minutes or an hour without having to wait. It is similar to using a cell phone to look up an answer rather than waiting to look it on an encyclopedia. With current systems, data scientists no longer need tens of hours but only seconds or minutes to answer queries.”Having had the advantage of exploring and examining data from multiple disparate sources, IIS’s Chief Data Scientist,Don Vilen notes, “We build an alignment between IT and business leaders, providing customers the agility to meet the spikes of Big Data.”
Elaborating on the company’s services, Iacone expounds an instance wherein IIS’s technology enabled one of its large clients experience by slashing their runtime for queries ‘by a factor of ten.’ He adds that, “Upon partnering with the company, IIS reduced the organization’s storage space by half, compared to the expensive legacy systems.” IIS’s Big Data solutions leverages its experience and expertise in the SQL programming language which simplifies the process of learning for any programming staff in a given organization.

Our partnership with HP and alignment with the HP HAVEn Big Data Strategy is instrumental to our success in the Big Data market

IIS, as a platinum partner of HP, helps organizations set the overall Big Data strategy for clients. “Our partnership with HP and alignment with the HP HAVEn Big Data Strategy is instrumental to our success in the Big Data market,” Iacone says. Although IIS has established its stage in the market, the company continues to make significant investments to stay ahead of the technology curve and provide innovative solutions.

IIS’s innovation lab ensures that its experts develop best-of-breed solutions which prove beneficial in managing the lifecycle of projects. In addition, IIS’s integration lab allows experts to stage, build, and test a customer’s solution prior to installation. Today, IIS’s vast clientele includes Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized enterprises, fast-growing startups, and government agencies.

On a progressive note, Iacone cites that one of the biggest trends at present is adoption of cloud as a target platform for Big Data technology. Moving ahead on these lines, IIS will continue to leverage their services for clients to help them accelerate their adoption to Big Data as a services.

International Integrated Solutions

Plainview, NY

John Iacone CEO and Don Vilen, Chief Data Scientist

IIS deploys business critical projects in place of old traditional database using Big Data platform.