Moser Consulting: Vibrant ‘Roadshow’ of Services for Big Data Intricate

Ty Moser, Founder President & CEO
The advent of big data as a steward of unstructured information marked the beginning of a new era of data driven business. Since the historic events, data has been like a stream of water—anonymously flowing between every process and conversation—from phones and credit cards, televisions and computers, to sensor-equipped buildings, trains, buses, planes, bridges, and factories. With the innovation arm of big data, organizations got the opportunity to process this heap of information and extract valuable insights from it to move on in a prolific direction. Albeit, the present scenario of big data is different it is filled with intricate questions and hinged roadblocks, which are stalling the adoption rate of big data for the organizations. “At the CIO level, the biggest debate today is to determine ways to leverage big data efficiently and search the legitimate enterprise solutions for executing this job,” delineates Ty Moser, Founder, President, and CEO at Moser Consulting. As the mist enveloping big data is subsiding, executives have started to have pragmatic conversations to understand the various aspects of big data. “We at Moser welcome these leaders to provide both clarity and insights into the big data conversation and the challenges enfolding it,” exclaims Moser.

In the past ten years, which is perceived as the ‘decade of big data disruption’, Moser has been seen as ‘a company to watch’ by many for its profound success in the big data landscape. Moser’s dynamic team that holds expert insights in the domain of enterprise data and operations accords the wind beneath the wings of Moser. “Having a team like this allows us to understand our client’s needs in all steps of moving, processing, and working with data at an enterprise level,” says Moser. The team at Moser has adopted unique ways for serving their customers, which involves leveraging some of the traditional tried and proven solutions for particular steps of the company’s offered services. “Reusing and reinventing solutions that can give the desired result is not just a good idea, but essential for most projects,” asserts Moser. The company’s big data solutions include fraud detection, ETL offloading, sensor data analytics, managed services, near real time ingest, and self-service BI and analytics. These solutions have been delivered in the public sector at both federal and state levels, as well as in the private sector across industries that include manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and insurance.

Entering into the Arena of Analytics

Indianapolis, IN stationed Moser was founded by Ty Moser and his wife in 1996 with a vision to extend outstanding data management services to the enterprises. As the years passed, the company with its string of its partners created a vibrant roadshow of services, which paved the way for organizations to leverage their data like never before.

The company was able to provide unparallel service due to simple yet essential approach—Moser made sure that they would evolve their solutions simultaneously along with the data management tools that are part of the various distributions and solution stacks. With this, the cognizance of company has leaped beyond the frontier of dominating tools such as Cloudera Manager, Ambari, and Google Developer’s Console, which are known for their administrative capabilities. Moser has successfully honed their knowledge through their experience to confer large framework, both at a conceptual as well as a tactical level, in which these tools and technologies operate.
Brice Giesbrecht Big Data Practice Director
In the beginning of twenty first century, when major technologies were taking the charge over the reins of corporate world, Moser decisively entered into the arena of analytics and core infra¬structure services to make the best out of these disruptions. Over the years, the company set various milestones with its prominent and striving workforce, wading across a mix of federal and commercial clients.

Today with workforce that is over 200 in number, Moser is running its operations from its offices located in Baltimore and Indianapolis. The employees working as a driving fuel for these divisions possess a deep knowledge of industries, and technology and its applications. Moser pays a strong devotion in motivating its employees to take training from its partners and vendors including Oracle, Google, Hortonworks, Cloudera, and others. The differentiating factors for the company are not just limited to gaining the tenacity in the dominating technologies of the verticals. “We not only draw our focus on industries, but also on the facets that are common across most domains,” highlights Moser on their principals that they have adopted. Further shedding light on it, he adds, “We move forward with this methodology since most opportunities are best addressed using a variation of a few key architectures that are shared across industries.”

Reusing and reinventing solutions that can give the desired result is not just a good idea, but essential for most projects

Knowing Who You’re Serving

The Research and Analyst firm Forrester once dictum, “In this age of the customer, the only sustainable competitive advantage is knowledge and engagement with customers.” The statement cannot be truer, as a myriad of researchers and academia has highlighted the importance of clients and end users in today’s market. Moser also aspires to build strong relationships with its customers. “Before anything, we first understand the requirements of our client, which is then followed by offering the ‘best fit’ solutions to them that are in par with their need,” says Brice Giesbrecht, Big Data Practice Director, Moser Consulting. Giesbrecht also adds that their priority is to have successful engagements with the organizations at every step of their services. This approach has rewarded Moser with additional opportunities to serve their old customers.

Not Just a Consumer

With feet cemented in the current and eyes staring in the future, Moser is now planning to evaluate potential geographic markets, which includes Chicago, Atlanta and Boston. The company also intends to drive more value in the realm of Hadoop administration and data ingestion. “We not only want to be the consumer but a producer as well in the vibrant ecosystem of big data,” Moser concludes.

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