Optimity Advisors: Innovative Big Data Approaches to Maximize the Value of Data Assets

Robert Moss Partner
The emergence of social media, online commerce, and the Internet of Things (IoT) means businesses today are generating ever-increasing amounts of data. Organizations need to manage and monetize that ballooning volume of data and perform sophisticated calculations and analysis faster, better, and cheaper. While there are plenty of new platforms and tools on the market that promise to solve today’s big data problems, the key to the solution is often less a matter of technologies as it is of method and approach.

“Defining a proper taxonomy and controlled vocabulary is a key prerequisite for organizations to effectively use the toolsets and achieve business value,” begins Robert Moss, Partner at Optimity Advisors. Launched in 2009, Optimity Advisors is a full-service strategy, operations, and technology advisory firm that helps clients implement cutting edge data programs, which includes defining effective data and analytics requirements, designing structured data governance programs, and implementing well-organized metadata models and taxonomies. “Optimity provides advanced data approaches that bring together organizations’ existing transactional, data warehousing, and reporting systems along with newer big data platforms,” adds Moss.

In a world being reshaped by rapid changes, competitive advantage goes to the innovators. Optimity uses a unique suite of prototyping tools to enable companies to explore their data and simulate the user experience early in the design phase. This allows Optimity to create engaging and effective analytics and self-service data applications. The company’s AspiraHub Analytics Platform allows Optimity to rapidly aggregate data from multiple sources and create dynamic, interactive dashboards, analytics, and data-driven applications. This helps Optimity to develop powerful data-centric applications with a foundation of full-featured, well-tested, and highly-scalable code.

Be it traditional relational database management systems, advanced Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), NoSQL or other distributed processing platforms, Optimity’s data strategy team keeps continuously abreast of new advances in data management technology—leading the big data revolution. In an environment where marketing hype often obscures utility, Moss says, “we ensure our clients formulate forward-looking but achievable data strategies that align technological infrastructure with larger business objectives and maximize the value of existing data assets.”
Optimity is well positioned to capitalize on these trends to help their customers apply cutting-edge technology across their organizations. The company provides a range of advisory services in implementing big data programs. Their offerings include data environment and capability assessments, enterprise data strategy and planning, data governance and stewardship program design, and metadata and taxonomy implementation.

Optimity differentiates itself from other firms by incorporating proprietary models and know-how that result in accelerated solutions, including designing complex technology initiatives. “We use a collaborative, iterative approach to launch high-performance, enterprise-scale applications and data platforms in a fraction of the time of traditional software projects,” says Moss.

Within the past year, Optimity has made strategic acquisitions to expand its core technical capabilities and added key talent to the advisory team. “We have added industry leading data scientists and user experience design talent, which allows us to not only implement high-volume and complex big data engines but also present the data back to end users in highly usable visualizations and interactive data applications,” explains Moss.

Optimity helps clients design and implement advanced data platforms that link effectively to their existing transactional, data warehousing, and reporting systems

Optimity has also expanded its geographical footprint in recent years, by opening operational centers in the UK and Europe. “We plan to continue this strategic expansion in the upcoming years to ensure a local presence in the major centers of the industries we serve: healthcare, media and entertainment, finance, and insurance,” concludes Moss.

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Robert Moss Partner and Rick McNabb, CEO

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