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Vince Jeffs Director, Customer Decision Management
Being an avid racquetball player, Vince Jeffs, Director, Customer Decision Management at Pegasystems, has always faced tough competition from new players. To excel and be successful in the sport, Jeffs constantly tries to find an edge by employing new strategies and tactics. As a huge fan of leveraging data and technology to make the world a better place, Jeffs helps steer clients to implement Pega applications to leverage big data to achieve similar competitive advantage.

Pega provides a platform, strategic applications, and decision management technologies that enable businesses to map to big data sources and use key insights gleaned from them to make valuable decisions. Based in Cambridge, MA, Pega helps streamline critical business operations by connecting enterprises to their customers in real-time across channels, to meet their rapidly changing requirements.

“We aim to help our clients maintain a vivid picture of their customers by understanding their preferences and interests so they can make relevant recommendations,” explains Jeffs. Pega uses sophisticated predictive intelligence and machine learning, called adaptive analytics, to statistically predict the propensity to respond, or the next part that might fail or need service. The firm’s applications work in conjunction with a thinking machine in tune with the customer’s requirement. Known as the Customer Decision Hub, it helps companies take big data and use it to power decisions and actions in the areas of marketing, sales, customer service, and operations.

As technology trends in the big data landscape evolve, ubiquitous devices are gathering real-time data on a massive scale. Pega’s technology helps organizations to collect, filter, and glean insights from data and enables them to employ the technologies that best suit their big data ecosystem. “We excel at helping companies take quick actions, in real-time, with our big data technologies which efficiently store structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Consequently, this empowers call center agents or dealers to respond to customer’s needs rapidly,” explains Jeffs.

We excel at helping companies take quick actions, in real-time, with our big data technologies which efficiently store structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data

With the ability to provide the users with truly seamless experiences, Pega makes customer journeys effortless and satisfying. For instance, “We have recently introduced a co-browse capability, where while a person is talking to a customer service agent, the end-user can also browse the website and get assistance from the agent to mitigate the navigation challenges they might be facing,” says Jeffs.

Pega enables customers to filter data received from high end equipment to determine when to act, and what next-best-action is appropriate to act on a big data opportunity. For example, Pega is working with automotive manufactures where connected cars have devices that can be monitored and services provided ranging from roadside assistance to accident notification, and theft tracking. “Data and insights can be shared with your mechanic, your insurance company-if you opt in-your smartphone, and even other cars. The automotive company can even amass this data to proactively look for problems, and generate recalls before any accident even happens,” says Jeffs.

As big data fascinates Jeffs, he feels that the next big thing to help organizations survive in this competitive economy is the ‘Digital Transformation’ and ‘Digital Enterprise.’ “We at Pega are enabling our customers to efficiently and effectively use digital technology, for purposes starting from front office customer facing processes to order fulfillment and service processes,” mentions Jeffs. With this belief, Pegasystems is focusing on tying together all system for delivering a seamless and enjoyable experience.


Cambridge, MA

Vince Jeffs Director, Customer Decision Management

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