SQream Technologies: GPU-based Innovative Technology to Boost Analytics Performance

Ami Gal, Co-founder & CEO Kostya Varakin Co-founder & CTO
As businesses take measures to enhance their information capturing ability to support their strategic objectives, big data is acting as the game changer in acquiring meaningful insights. From streamlining customer behavior to inventory status, organizations are using specialized tools to manage the analysis of data reservoirs. “With the rapidly changing technology trends, the big data market is undergoing a hybrid war,” begins Ami Gal, Co-founder and CEO, SQream Technologies. However, this approach is locking data inside proprietary data silos, making cross-functional analysis difficult, subsequently increasing project costs and risk levels. Organizations are now looking for a single robust standards driven language that would provide unified access to data and drive analysis. In such a scenario, SQL acts as the default language for data analysis, providing mature and comprehensive data access. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with offices in U.S., SQream Technologies provides organizations with an ultra-fast, cost-effective, petabyte-scale big data analytics SQL database that helps customers gain significant industry leadership advantage.

SQream Technologies’ Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) based database has the capability to process and analyze large amounts of data while delivering optimal high cost/performance ratio. “Through this core process we compress and decompress data to perform data analytics,” says Gal. SQream DB is a columnar SQL database employing aggressive compression procedures resulting in major savings in storage and blazing speed of query execution. SQream DB doesn’t require any data modelling or new skills, and allows organizations to work efficiently. “With SQream DB, the power of a data center is condensed into a single standard server, enabling us to perform massive data crunching in low footprints, with capability to scale massively” he adds.

The company offers GenomeStack, a SQL database platform, developed specifically for the Genome Research industry. The platform helps researchers, analysts, data scientists to rapidly extract time-critical knowledge, enabling them to get answers in a short time span. “It is a specialized gateway that automatically inputs the sequences that are being created by the machine, seamlessly in a database,” asserts Gal.
This helps researchers to discover thousands of genome stacks or genome sets necessary for reaching new levels of efficiency for an advanced genome and medical research. GenomeStack is an effective platform for quickly discovering patterns and other insights necessary for making accurate predictions and analysis.

SQream Technologies takes pride in its work on small datasets, all the way to large datasets using the same queries, skills, and technology stack. The company’s association with industry experts is its key differentiation factor. “We are also exploring use cases in IoT, Cyber, Defense, and cancer research with big data,” says Gal.

Since inception, SQream Technologies has been helping organizations to gain quick insights into data. For instance, SQream Technologies helped a leading AdTech company to analyze data without disrupting its performance and immediately change and tune their ad matchmaking algorithm for better performance and bottom line. On another occasion, SQream Technologies helped genome researchers with a limited budget to get a full-fledged lab with sequencer, storage, and tools to research sequences with a large group of public sequences on the cloud.

With SQream DB, the power of datacentre is condensed into a single standard server, enabling us to perform massive data crunching in low footprints over hardware

Moving forward, SQream Technologies is planning to configure its software on small servers in demanding physical conditions and also on very large clusters of small, standard, and huge servers. “We are aiming to publish a few projects in collaboration with some of the ecosystem giants, and provide incredible business value to our clients,” concludes Gal.

SQream Technologies

Tel Aviv,Israel,

Ami Gal, Co-founder & CEO Kostya Varakin Co-founder & CTO

Provides rapid, cost-effective, petabyte-scale big data analytics SQL database