SynGlyphX: Create and Modify Interactive Data Visualizations

Mark E. Sloan, President & CEO
Today, big data has become the next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity. However, with its growing importance, organizations are now grappling to find proficient data scientists and developers who can leverage big data efficiently and derive value from it. Due to the shortage of skilled resources, executives are struggling to create new big data analytical workflow tools and predictive algorithms to make sense of the available data. Arlington, VA headquartered SynGlyphX has introduced preeminent big data tools that liberate organizations from depending on data scientists to extract valuable insights from complex data. “We bring visibility into the heap of unstructured data, and help make it comprehendible by any person,” says Mark E. Sloan, President and CEO, SynGlyphX. “With our tools, anyone can interact with complex datasets, search for anomalies and patterns, discover insight and take informed action.”

SynGlyphX is transforming the way organizations interact with data for gaining insights and taking action. The company has incorporated high configurability and flexibility in its offerings. “We provide software that can create visualizations of complex data that allows the user to quickly discover insight,” says Sloan. Any engineer, not necessarily data scientists, can draw valuable insights from the highlighted data and leverage it for decision-making. “SynGlyphX software enables analysts and executives alike to quickly get a granular sense of the data available on business processes, customer sentiment, and market segmentation,” adds Sloan. You can quite literally see the forest (macro view) and the trees (micro view) in a single visual environment.

SynGlyphX has developed GlyphBuilder™ software to allow organizations to quickly create interactive data visualizations. With GlyphBuilder™, customers can develop either three dimensional (3D) geospatial or 3D non-geospatial views of their data on a single screen displaying the prolific data segments from large collections of complex, structured, and unstructured data. “Instead of using multiple pie charts and graphs, GlyphBuilder™ brings numerous variables in a single, interactive visual environment for assessing the data,” says Sloan.

GlyphBuilder™ can be applied across any commercial sector including supply chain, telecom, and utility.
A major consumer products organization used GlyphBuilder™ to make sense of sales transaction data. “Using GlyphBuilder™ to drag and drop data into the visual environment, the customer was able to discover anomalies in their sales transactions and address issues that helped improved profit margins on specific transactions. In another case, SynGlyphX assisted a telecom operator by integrating the disparate data collected from customers, network usage, and their pricing plans in GlyphBuilder™. “The client quickly identified the underlying reasons behind their end user’s dissatisfaction and call center issues as all the data was present in a single visualized environment,” says Sloan. With many such cases, Glyph Builder™ has become a key differentiator for SynGlyphX in the big data landscape.

SynGlyphX software enables analysts and executives alike to quickly get a granular sense of the data available on business processes, customer sentiment, and market segmentation

SynGlyphX takes immense pride in its value proposition, which is built on the pillars of speed, efficiency, and effectiveness. With high-speed implementation, the company enables customers to understand complicated data sets swiftly. Efficiency is induced by reducing the need to have highly skilled resources of data scientists for capitalizing on big data. Effectiveness is addressed by mitigating the analytical burden from the users, as the entire spectrum of data is showcased in a perceivable visualized manner.

SynGlyphX is now planning to enhance the capabilities of their desktop tool to make it more accessible to non-technical personnel. The company is also hard at work creating standard repeatable visualizations called GlyphKIT™, (KIT = Knowledge Insight Tool). One such GlyphKIT™ is a marketing analytics tool that allows customers to optimize marketing and advertising expenses.


Arlington, VA

Mark E. Sloan, President & CEO

SynGlyphX software enables organizations to visually integrate complex, heterogeneous data in a single computer screen. This allows the user to more quickly identify patterns, trends, and anomalies in their data – and get on to taking informed action