TimeXtender: Managing Big Data with TimeXtender’s Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) Platform

Heine Krog Iversen, CEO
As Big Data usage is rapidly increasing, companies are utilizing different methodologies to improve their use of data for efficient decision making and to enhance their business processes.

“Many CIOs are still figuring out how to best leverage Big Data and build a business case around it,” said Heine Krog Iversen, CEO, TimeXtender. “With TimeXtender, organizations can seamlessly turn unstructured data into meaningful structured data, which makes a company more competitive by making better business decisions, improving processes, and lowering costs.”

TimeXtender boasts an impressive client roster of more than 2,600 across all parts of the world. The company is the leading provider of data warehouse automation tools for the Microsoft SQL Server. With a focus on a single platform, it offers great expertise to help companies achieve an easy transition from one data source to another—saving resources, time, and money for companies taking advantage of its powerful DWA product known as TX DWA.

The company implements its comprehensive Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) technology to ensure that customers make the most of speed, agility, and access to its Big Data. “We provide easy-to-use tools that allow our customers to automate tasks, simplify processes, and obtain results much faster than previously recognized,” said Iversen.

Using Agile practices and principles, TimeXtender’s TX DWA offers the ability to make changes during implementation and supports the speed and agility of the business, simplifies data warehouse processes, and minimizes time spent on turning complex data into valuable information. TimeXtender also offers Corporate Performance Management (CPM) automation, which ensures data accuracy and integrity and eliminates hours spent on data reconciliation. “TimeXtender’s TX Financials is our new CPM automation tool for corporate finance and accounting executives,” said Iversen. “Spreadsheets weren’t built for corporate-wide reporting or for merging of various data and reports. TX Financials helps solve this consolidation and reporting problem for companies through our CPM automation technology.”

TimeXtender provides easyto- use tools that allow our customers to automate tasks and obtain results faster than ever before

TimeXtender is an innovation company and has a very strong research and development team. “When you think about it, automation has transformed industries and businesses for many years and we’re now doing the same by bringing these ideas to improve enterprise information technology,” added Iversen.

The company’s experienced team of professionals delivers products and services of the highest quality to help customers realize a substantial cost savings from its existing programs, while also helping them to get more from their data at a much faster clip. “We also work closely and collaborate with all of our strategic distributors, partners, Value Added Resellers (VARs), and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to ensure that we’re in close and constant contact with customers in various regions of the world,” said Iversen.

Since its inception, TimeXtender has been helping customers from numerous industries. The company lists several customer case stories to highlight its work. For example, one company wanted to create a customer centric reporting platform guaranteeing quality and service at a competitive price. The client tried to upgrade and migrate its existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) within its Business Intelligence (BI) setup using QlikView front-end and Microsoft ERP (Dynamics AX) source data, but doing so was cumbersome, time consuming, and costly. Subsequently, TimeXtender’s Data Warehouse Automation solved the client’s issue by easily delivering QlikView code files and scripts, while nurturing the BI system through ERP migration.

Founded in Denmark, the company has been experiencing hyper growth for years, and has recently been growing rapidly across the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In addition, TimeXtender also has some exciting machine learning and cloud technology research projects underway.


Portland, OR

Heine Krog Iversen, CEO

A leading provider of Business Intelligence (BI) built on a Data Warehouse which develops innovative Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse Automation (DWA)