Truven Health Analytics: Delivering Robust Analytics for Improved Efficiency

Rich Holada, Chief Data & Technology Executive
The wave of innovations in big data technologies has taken it from the realm of hype to one of the core disruptors in the new digital age. While some industries have been highly successful at realizing value from large-scale integration and analysis of big data, the healthcare industry is just getting its feet wet. “Healthcare data is diverse, distributed, and can be challenging but nevertheless healthcare stakeholder organizations can leverage it to improve care quality, reduce costs and improve satisfaction,” states Rich Holada, Chief Data and Technology Executive, Truven Health Analytics. To help organizations leverage proven innovations to efficiently use data and analytics, Truven Health Analytics offers proficient tools, products, services, and related expertise that clients need to improve healthcare cost and quality.

Truven Health Analytics provides performance improvement solutions built on data integrity, advanced analytics, and deep domain expertise. The company’s product suite includes many of the most trusted brands in healthcare, such as MarketScan, Micromedex, 100 Top Hospitals, AdvantageSuite, ActionOI, and Simpler. The company’s solutions and services deliver insights that help organizations to make confident decisions, which directly affect the health and well-being of consumers and of the organization.

MarketScan databases proffer sophisticated datasets with robust, high-quality, longitudinal data, detailed but de-identified at the patient level, reflecting the real-world cost and utilization of healthcare services for 200 million individuals across all sites of care. “The patient centric longitudinal view allows gleaning insights in the world of statistical mathematics,” says Holada. “By applying sophisticated analytics, commonalities between groups of people are established.” Additionally, the company uses data mining techniques to draw out interesting information, for example information that enables better benefit plan design, effective intervention programs, or preventing re-admission of patients through predictive analytics. “Data analytics gives us the insights to guide the overall healthcare system into effectively managing the health of the population,” says Holada.
The company also offers an advanced, highly secure, and customized Data Warehouse solution, which brings together and harmonizes disconnected data from across healthcare or across agencies that share a responsibility for the well-being of the community or state. “We gather inputs from all the systems through seamless integrations and standardize it so that the data are easily accessible,” says Holada. The Data Warehouse solution provides a platform, which maximizes resource use, reduces errors, and discovers expensive redundancies. “It’s also a tremendous resource as we work with customers to identify fraud, waste, and abuse in healthcare,” says Holada.

We gather inputs from all the systems through seamless integrations and standardize it so that the data is easily accessible

To stay ahead in the competitive market, Truven Health customizes its solutions and its analytics to meet the customer’s specific business requirements. Further, the company’s skilled staff renders the technical and database management functions needed to ensure that users receive timely access to their data. “We also have clinical experts, experienced benefits and health plan managers, data governance and other domain experts, as well as data scientists and analytics experts, who understand the space and work with the customers as trusted advisors,” points out Holada.

Working with a vision to improve the quality and lower the cost of healthcare, Truven Health Analytics focused on understanding the needs of the customers and building intelligent applications with industry-leading analytics. “We work to support healthcare stakeholders, to understand the constraints of the changing environment and adapt accordingly,” says Holada. The company collaborates continually with customers to uncover opportunities for improving costs, quality, efficiency, and outcomes.

Truven Health Analytics

Ann Arbor, MI

Rich Holada, Chief Data & Technology Executive

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