XMPro: Unified Platform for Improved Operational Metrics

Pieter van Schalkwyk Founder & CEO
As a sports enthusiast and a triathlete, Pieter van Schalkwyk, CEO of XMPro says, “triathlon teaches me to have absolute control over my energy at each stage, in order to finish the race. Such proficient control prepares me to manage multiple goals simultaneously.” In many ways, van Schalkwyk’s personal trait manifests itself in XMPro. “When dealing with event-based work and multiple data streams, one needs to control and carefully govern the diverse information obtained from various sources to provide operational intelligence,” states van Schalkwyk.

Founded in 2009, XMPro is a big data management company that assists multiple Fortune 10 organizations and smaller enterprises to transform the firehose of information into real-time actionable insights. In one such instance, a key customer from the oil and gas sector approached XMPro as they experienced a lack of effectual data handling. The customer also wanted to attain real-time coordination between datastreams and the existing business information to achieve situational awareness. XMPro effectively mitigated the customer’s challenge by combining live event information with the in-house data to offer enterprise-class operational intelligence. “Our company’s proactive assistance empowered the customer to exploit favorable business advantages, which they couldn’t do previously,” extolsvan Schalkwyk,CEO of XMPro.

The company’s XMPro iBOS—Intelligent Business Operations Suite—acts as a single integrated platform for enterprises to gain superior operational insights and faster decision making. The platform provides cutting-edge intelligence by collecting and processing the data from various sources including applications, databases, web services, and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors.XMPro iBOS consequently processes the accumulated event data by applying business rules, machine learning, or cognitive computing. Such analytical processing of data allows enterprises to realize whether certain conditions have already occurred or are yet to occur. Based on these predictions, the platform creates either a structured workflow or dynamic business process. Additionally, it also facilitates the creation of adaptive cases during the occurrence of a condition that is completely new.

The flexible nature of iBOS platform to ‘listen’ to both planned and unplanned business events helps organizations reduce unpredictable business outcomes

“The flexible nature of iBOS platform to ‘listen’ to both planned and unplanned business events helps organizations reduce unpredictable business outcomes,” asserts van Schalkwyk.

Besides predictive analytics, the iBOS platform can automatically enforce actions based on predefined business rules when faced with a process routing decision. “Such mechanized decisions alleviate the enterprise’s pain of looking at reports or dashboards to initiate actions,” affirms van Schalkwyk.

XMPro has a committed team of experts who personally analyze a customer’s IT environment to tailor the solution around their specific needs. “Our ability to develop such close partnerships helps us stand distinguished amid competitors,” points-out van Schalkwyk. In addition, the company complements customers by navigating the technology space to create new products that ‘complete’ and not ‘compete’ with client’s existing solutions. “For us, it is about augmenting what they have and making it more intelligent, rather than ripping and replacing.”

Moving parallel with evolving trends, XMPro continues investing and innovating in the areas of machine learning, cognitive computing, and business analytics to support smarter ways of managing event data. Furthermore, XMPro is also looking at robotic or assistive technologies to help organizations deal with the exponential growth of big data.


Dallas, TX

Pieter van Schalkwyk Founder & CEO

A provider of XMPro iBOS, a platform that provides operational intelligence for organizations to sense key business events, decide if action is needed and respond in real-time

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