Apptium Technologies: Gaining Real-Time Data Insights

Dinesh Pandurangan, CTO
Big data, a buzzword that swept every industry, is today gain¬ing prominence as “an enabler of better decisions” that transforms business environments. The cultural paradigm of deriving real-time relevant data insights is driving CIOs toward big data analytics tools and plat¬forms. There is enough data in enterprises to show what’s driving the increase in the customer’s touchpoints, but enterprises often lack solutions to address challenges such as complexity in services or products. Moreover, the technology footprint of current big data platforms is huge and requires specialized knowledge to implement and operate these platforms. Apptium Technologies, a VA-based solutions provider, transforms every object, consumer, and activity into the real-time actionable data to drive intelligent decision-making and recommended actions to augment the customer experience. “Our solutions empower organizations through solutions that master machine learning, cognitive applications, and decision management, radically raising the quality and relevance of interactions, both inside the enterprise and with their customers,” says Dinesh Pandurangan, CTO, Apptium.

Apptium’s EPortal Intelligent Data Management (IDM) platform provides end-to-end services for data management analytics, achieved through smart processing done in small interval batches or micro-batching. This process is more beneficial than traditional MapReduce jobs that splits the input dataset into independent chunks, which are processed by the map tasks in a parallel manner. In case a user encounters an unrecoverable failure, IDM creates streaming jobs that provide fault-tolerance—mechanism for queuing and restart if a source data application becomes unavailable. “Our IDM Dynamic Map Reduction component seamlessly executes against big data technologies including NoSQL, NewSQL, Graph, Mongo, Cassandra, Hbase, Hadoop, and Vertica by building replications or data aggregators that are being interrogated,” adds Pandurangan. “This reduces and removes the functions of traditional ETL (Extract, Transfer, and Load) tools and delivers incremental results faster than the batch operations.”

The company’s solutions also incorporate statistical modeling in their machine learning algorithms to identify patterns in data and employ a close loop mechanism to refine and enhance the effectiveness of the learning process.

Apptium’s analytics tools provide customer segmentation analysis to identify the product adoption rate using customer-centric data such as location and time

Additionally, Apptium’s solutions focus on prescriptive analytics to support actionable real-time insights. With an emphasis on the cogni¬tive learning space, Apptium’s EPortal Cognitive Engine is integrated to IDM for providing machine learning capabilities and augmenting pattern matching functions with deeper root cause analysis and recommending prescriptive actions.

While leveraging big data tools and technologies, the company’s most significant achievements come from Apptium’s 360-degree customer service offerings and the ability to rapidly identify, investigate, and resolve Quality of Service (QoS) issues as they occur. Being a customer-first company, Apptium provides telecommunications and entertainment organizations with the ability to deliver predictive customer intelligence. “Our predictive performance allows organizations to gain intelligent insights into their big data and predict customer behavior, service delivery bottlenecks, and subscriber churn by analyzing historical and social media data,” assures Pandurangan. “Apptium’s analytics tools provide customer segmentation analysis to identify the product adoption rate using customer-centric data such as location and time.”

Since the inception of the company, Apptium‘s unique culture of collaboration is a key differentiator that helps them understand needs, priorities, and processes specific to their clients in the communications domain. Growing organically, Apptium is looking ahead at strong opportunities in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, which will further position them as a global player. And, stay tuned as they prepare to announce groundbreaking technology later this quarter. “We are excited to rollout a completely cloud-based EPortal development platform that will radically change the way we design and deliver solutions,” concludes Pandurangan.

Apptium Technologies

Herndon, VA

Dinesh Pandurangan, CTO

Apptium's EPortalTM Intelligent Data Management (IDM) platform provides end-to-end services for intelligent data management with a focus on prescriptive analytics to enable actionable real-time insights

Apptium Technologies