CBIG Consulting: Unleashing the True Potential of Big Data

Todd Nash, President and Principal
In today’s data-driven era, gaining the ability to seamlessly store, access, and manage data assets is a common challenge for many enterprises. The talented professionals of Rosemont, IL-based CBIG Consulting, a Big Data consulting services provider, are among the leading standard bearers in developing best-practice guidelines to govern Big Data.

Offering proactive strategies that help drive clients’ business forward, CBIG’s highly-skilled team teaches clients how to achieve better perspective on their business by developing tools and processes that create measurable opportunities to change, grow, and succeed. CBIG delivers these capabilities to customers by harnessing groundbreaking innovations in data science, data monetization, predictive analytics, lean analytics, and other emerging data intelligence solutions.

“Due to the frenetic pace of our current marketplace, the key is gaining access to real-time information. So, for a growing number of organizations, “W-A-I-T” is a four-letter word to be avoided at all times,” says Todd Nash, President and Principal, CBIG Consulting. Addressing the nature of time as a constraint, CBIG’s expanding arsenal of toolsets empower enterprise business units by giving them the gift of self-sufficiency. Now, business users manage data at their own pace, freeing up IT departments to direct their expertise wherever it is most needed.

Citing the extent of CBIG’s global operations and its exceptional Big Data IQ, Nash described CBIG’s unique journey. “We’ve built our practice around a cross-functional team of experts, including management consultants, business analysts, data scientists, data architects, and engineers. It’s through their expertise, experience, and contributions that we can offer the full life-cycle of BI solutions—strategy, design and implementation, ongoing managed services—that many other firms can’t.” The firm’s KnowledgeShare program reviews latest developments and endeavors in both software and hardware technology, allowing CBIG to continue its collective approach toward growth, increasing value, and maintaining its competitive edge.

For a growing number of organizations, “W-A-I-T” is a four-letter word to be avoided at all times

Although a global entity, CBIG maintains a singular focus on Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data. This involves committing significant resources toward R&D to advance new tech innovations. Nash stresses, “CBIG draws on a wide and comprehensive range of specialized capabilities that marry technology and analytics.” One among several ingenious services he described is CBIG Monetization™, which creates programs that leverage clients’ data assets as a commodity. This service uses marketable data assets to build a foundation for other products or services that customers can then sell to other companies. Other special services include CBIG Social and CBIG Sensor modules, which can give executive stakeholders an affordable means to implement a POV (proof-of-value) exercise before investing additional resources on a larger-scale BI project.

The company’s data science solution initiatives have also evolved to intersect with the rising demand for actionable in¬sights delivered via concise reports and dashboard visualizations on all types of platforms, including mobile devices. Another advancement, CBIG Predictive™ analytics, further elevates the traditional forecasting approach to more accurately predict future outcomes. This new solution stands apart for its goal-oriented pursuit of a better future, using all kinds of data to show a business how to achieve its full potential.

CBIG is currently finalizing more office deployments around the globe and embedding more strategic programs in Marketing Analytics and Competitive Intelligence in the Asia-Pacific region. Nash says CBIG is dedicated to continuous innovation and expanding programs to address fresh challenges faced by its customers. “This translates to adding industry-specific solutions to our portfolio, and hiring the best and brightest talent in the industry,” concludes Nash.

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Todd Nash, President and Principal

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