Infoworks: Dynamic Data Warehousing on Hadoop that Automatically Ingests and Organizes Enterprise Data for All Use-cases

Amar Arsikere, Co-Founder and CEO
Enterprises are facing a rapidly growing number of analytics use case and an increasing volume and variety of data. In such scenario, the traditional enterprise data warehouses are proving to be too expensive and cumbersome to handle the increasing demands. It is time to modernize the data ware-house that can efficiently process larger volumes of data; support new data types and multiple analytics use cases in the enterprise. Hadoop offers a cost-effective base platform for this. However, building data warehouse environments on Hadoop is challenging because of the complexity involved in building incremental data update, managing schema changes and historical data, providing high performance data access and other functionality required by the enterprise. Fulfilling these requirements, Infoworks has built a Dynamic Data Warehouse (DDW) platform on Hadoop. The platform is automated end to end and decreases the complexity and the time to analytics insights.

The San Jose, CA, based Infoworks markets Data Warehouse Augmentation (DWA) product that is built on company’s DDW platform. It enables enterprises to modernize their data warehouse environments on Hadoop rapidly. The DWA product automatically synchronizes data from the existing data warehouse, manages audit, history, schema changes, security, and data retention policies. It automatically organizes the data for high-performance access for a variety of use cases–including BI, OLAP, and advanced analytics.

The DWA product has unprecedented automation built in so that the customers do not have to spend months of effort to modernize their analytics infrastructure or rely on building specialized expertise in-house to accomplish the same.

We add a layer of software on Hadoop transforming it into an integrated and modernized data warehouse inside an enterprise

The CEO of Infoworks, Amar Arsikere cites, “just as Google crawls and organizes information for search, our product automatically crawls enterprise data bases, ingests the data into Hadoop, keeps it continuously synchronized and organizes the data into high performance data warehouses, cubes and other data models that support all enterprise use cases, all on a single platform.”

The Infoworks DWA product has been validated in real world conditions and at scale. At one of the Fortune 10 companies; Infoworks has successfully augmented a production Teradata DW on to Hadoop. The entire process of augmenting the customer DW was accomplished automatically by crawling the DW, discovering metadata, ingesting and organizing data on Hadoop. Furthermore, at one of the proof of concepts the Infoworks product was able to ingest more than 40 data sources, build six data warehouses and cubes in less than two days - a feat could take several months using traditional methods.

Arsikere has a large-scale data infrastructure background with 18 years of experience in building software products at several companies including Zynga and Google. With the Infoworks DDW platform’s proven capability to rapidly build a modernized data warehouse on Hadoop; he plans to expand his company and bring the solution to more enterprises faster.


San Jose, CA

Amar Arsikere, Co-Founder and CEO

Provides Dynamic Data Warehousing software platform on Hadoop that automatically ingests and organizes enterprise data for all use-cases reducing the complexity and time to analytics insights