Pathfinder Health Innovations: Assured Way of Enhancing Therapy Process

Jeff Blackwood, President and CEO
Jeff Blackwood, President and CEO of Pathfinder Health Innovations, has a strong passion for music and visual arts such as ceramics and painting. His love and appreciation for creativity helps to clear his mind to objectively explore and determine ways to reduce paperwork in therapy processes. By combining his interest in painting and music while leading Pathfinder Health Innovations forward, Blackwood emphasizes the delivery of cogent solutions for therapists to track the progress of skill acquisition and behaviors for children with autism. “The same type of creativity shown on canvas and painting is included in the design of our software solution to help autism therapists,” says Blackwood.

Founded in 2010 with a goal to enhance learning for children on the Autism Spectrum of Disorders (ASD), the Kansas City-based company provides data collection, practice management, and revenue cycle management solutions for autism therapy centers.

Pathfinder offers a unique cloud-based Clinical Software platform that helps educators and therapists create lesson plans, collect, graph, and analyze performance data for children with behavioral health disorders. The software solution improves the creation, implementation, and management of therapy plans by providing therapists with an online data management tool, and real-time data capture capabilities.

In addition, Pathfinders’ Practice Management Software platform (which came with the acquisition of Ensure Billing in 2016) helps therapists automate insurance claims and non-insurance billing, perform scheduling, manage clients’ data, offer accounts receivable reconciliation and reporting functionality. The integrated software for clinical practical management reduces data entry redundancy and files insurance claims and reimbursements in an accurate and timely manner.

“The solution allows therapists to spend less time preparing plans and more time in treating patients to achieve better results,” expresses Blackwood.

We provide a flow of information all the way from the point of care through the entire revenue cycle

“Unlike other software that are available in the market, our extremely flexible system allows therapists to import therapy protocols or methodologies they’ve previously used, helping them focus more on delivering care to their patients and less on the paperwork. In the end, we make sure they can provide quality care and ensure they get paid for it.”

The firms’ solutions find use-cases across many healthcare organizations and therapy centers. For example, First Leap, an Austin, Texas based provider of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services for children with developmental disorders, wanted to replace their paper-based system and track patient performance based on the therapies conducted. First Leap also wanted to furnish this information to the insurance companies for reimbursement procedures. Pathfinder’s solutions allowed First Leap to utilize the information in real-time to observe performance of the children and their therapist by providing reports on areas that needed improvement. “By leveraging our software in their therapy practice, First Leap has helped individuals with autism reduce problem behaviors and gain critical communication and social skills,” says Blackwood.

The success stories of the company stand as a testament to the functionality of the Pathfinder’s cloud-based software solution in performing autism therapy and improving the lives of children worldwide. Having worked with over 150 therapy centers across the U.S., the organization is set to explore opportunities internationally across Europe, South America, and Asia. “The incidence of autism is pretty consistent worldwide, and Pathfinder’s technology to improve therapy efficiency can help therapists across the globe,” beams Blackwood.

Pathfinder Health Innovations

Overland Park, KS

Jeff Blackwood, President and CEO

Provider of a cloud-based software solution for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of cognitive disorder therapy

Pathfinder Health Innovations