Peloton Group: Unleashing the Power of Big Data to Gain Competitive Edge

Guy Daniello, Founder and CEO
In an increasingly data-driven economy, Big Data holds the key for immense opportunities. Organizations are actively working to explore Big Data solutions, concepts, architectures, and tools that can be leveraged to gain a competitive advantage. However, adopting Big Data to drive organizational transformation is easier said than done. Peloton Group leverages what Guy Daniello, CEO and Founder of Peloton Group, refers to as the “Five Ws of Big Data”: Who is the ultimate solution customer, What opportunity or challenge to address first, Where to apply the concepts, Why Big Data versus a traditional data warehouse approach, and When to make the investment.

Peloton Group, a leading management and IT consulting firm, works with CIOs to address the Five Ws based on its more than two decades of knowledge and practical experience in managing data and providing analytics-empowered solutions. “We provide full lifecycle services to drive business and information technology transformation,” remarks Daniello. “We leverage practical approaches to help envision, implement, and manage Big Data solutions that deliver tangible results.”

One of the most significant trends Peloton Group sees in the Big Data revolution is the shift away from the classic enterprise data warehouse (EDW) to the modern Enterprise Data Hub. The Enterprise Data Hub enables data ingestion, storage, modeling, distribution, consumption, and workload management with leading edge vendors and open-source technology and tools. This modern architecture provides a more robust, scalable, agile, and flexible platform that can evolve with the needs of leading organizations at a lower cost of ownership compared to traditional approaches. “While the number of vendors, technologies, and tools continues to expand and evolve, the Enterprise Data Hub provides the ability to plug and play key components,” says Dave Harter, Big Data and Business Analytics Practice Lead at Peloton Group.

More importantly, the Enterprise Data Hub should be architected, designed, and built in a way that drives measurable business value by clearly addressing the aforementioned Five Ws.

We provide full lifecycle services to drive business and information technology transformation

“We take a pragmatic approach and partner with our clients to address these questions and to create a clear vision for the end state,” continues Harter. One area that Peloton Group believes, has been underserved with Big Data, is self-service analytics. Peloton Group has been working with companies on frameworks and approaches to help them get started without having to become experts in all areas of Big Data. “We help demystify some of the new vernacular and show how Big Data can be leveraged through tools that users are already familiar with to gain immediate results, says Harter.”

Through its practical methodologies in solution envisioning and deployment, its customer-oriented approach, and the can-do attitude, Peloton Group enjoys several impressive success stories. For example, a leading biotech company that provides therapies for neurological and rare diseases needed to improve its analytical capabilities throughout the organization. In order to provide better visibility into the vast amount of operational and financial data across the client’s entire clinical trial portfolio, Peloton Group built a data discovery application to calculate and visualize key metrics such as spend-by-stage ‘burn rate’ using actual and baseline financial results. As a result, the client now has increased visibility to clinical trial financial and operational metrics, as well as access to trend analytics at every stage of the clinical trial for all products in their vast portfolio.

Peloton Group is rapidly advancing its capabilities in specific industries such as Life Sciences, Retail, Financial Services, and Insurance. “As the technology landscape changes, we will lead the pace of change and be the backbone for forward-looking companies that are seeking to harness the power of analytics,” concludes Daniello.

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Guy Daniello, Founder and CEO and Dave Harter, Senior Director

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