Pomerol Partners LLC: Visualizing Data to Foster Business Intelligence

Hamish Imrie, CTO
Big data analytics and the latest disruptive technologies have become extremely critical for all organizations. Each day that they ignore the invaluable insights that exist in data they generate each day, is another step in reducing their competitiveness. The fact remains—the majority of firms are struggling to leverage their data assets. Why? Because of their inability to identify appropriate solutions that drive actionable insights at an affordable cost. Pomerol Partners helps its clients to make the best use of data generated by analyzing their core business functions and designing a suitable solution that is equipped to meet both their big data and budget requirements.

By associating with leading disruptive technology vendors like Qlik, Lavastorm and Applied Blockchain, Pomerol Partners is able to discover, transform, connect and visualize huge enterprise data sets efficiently and effectively. Their expertise extends further into the underlying business process with a core understanding of ERP Analytics, specifically SAP and MS Dynamics. The resultant combination of this and their deep understanding of business is a customized business solution that drives actionable insights.

Pomerol’s big data methodologies follow a distinct approach—Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) to gather data from any data source and channel it directly to decision makers. These business solutions can be hosted in the cloud or on premise. They also can leverage technology like Blockchain to securely store large amounts of data in a single place allowing for enhanced quality, regulatory compliance and absolute data lineage. The company also provides an enablement phase, training relevant staff appropriately to minimize frustration and disruption. This reduces errors and enhances business intelligence throughout the organization. “We offer our clients a blend of commercial acumen and distinct technical capabilities that almost guarantee a tangible return on investment. This is why we are running with a 100 percent conversion rate on our proof of concepts,” says Robert Matthews, CFO.

Our conversion rate of POCs have been 100 percent as we have been able to demonstrate tangible returns during the proof of concept stage

Additionally, the firm automates the data processes, improving the quality, security and value of data at one-third of the cost incurred through traditional data processes and technologies. For instance, one of the Pomerol’s clients, a well-known Logistics provider was challenged with low data quality and manual data processing which consumed time and effort. In addition, the firm needed a cost-effective BI platform that facilitated cross module analysis of SAP data and enhanced supply chain visibility to aid day-to-day decision making. Pomerol assisted the client with cross module analytical reporting by combining the latest in-memory BI technologies and an in-depth knowledge of SAP. This improved their forecasting ability, reducing lost sales due to shortage in inventories and enhancing supply chain and working capital management. This yielded tangible material returns within the first two months.

The demand for services that genuinely impact their client’s bottom line means Pomerol is growing. They are increasing their staff base materially to serve this growing demand. They are opening an office in Kansas City to service the Mid West and adding more support in New York. “We see ourselves having a sizeable Sale and Account management footprint across the U.S. and U.K. markets, supported by a strong development team in South Africa. By 2020, most of our services will be driven from our ERP Analytics product offering rather than a direct offering,” concludes Hamish Imrie, CTO, Pomerol Partners.

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Hamish Imrie, CTO

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