Snype: Intelligent Big Data Management Analytics for Telecom and Fintechs

Raoul Fontanez, CEO
Big data and analytics is becoming an imperative aspect of every facet of doing business. With companies encountering increasing volumes of data on customer preferences and behavior, it is logical this data be used to gain a competitive advantage. In the hyper-competitive landscape of telecommunications, big data is empowering organizations to study the customer behavior at the individual level with extreme accuracy. The telecom sector is investing in a paradigm shift to join the few companies that are curating the wealth of information to create new revenue streams. Any department in telecom is now able to tap into the potential of big data and derive value from the unstructured data generated by interfacing with the customers. Making the most of this trend, Snype offers dedicated solutions to telecom and media operators utilizing intelligent big data management tools.

Snype enables the telecom companies to gain time and efficiency by processing this data and providing relevant information and KPIs to departments like marketing, sales, finance, technical, and customer service and other internal organizations where there is a constant need for fast and accurate information. “We offer an end to end solutions from data extraction to having information structured and the delivery of the analytics,” explains Raoul Fontanez, CEO, Snype. The firm’s Big Data Solution connects and integrates data sources of the client’s company and then organizes them in modules to meet the need of relevant department. The data is easily accessible and cross-linkable while performing any kind of analysis.

Snype provides the following services as part of its total solution; data warehouse, data mining, revenue assurance, prepaid top-up booster, fraud detection solutions centralized information from various departments to optimize the profitability in a business, and reports and KPIs. The prepaid Top-Up booster provides an analysis at the individual customer level in order to best stimulate revenues. Note the solution can be end-to-end, or implemented by stand-alone modules according to needs and priorities.

Snype's Big Data Solution also provides auditable data, enabling the clients to estimate their market share and offer insights to improve their progression.

We offer an end to end solution from data extraction to having data structured and the delivery of the analytics

The 360° customer experience and churn management develops up-sell and cross-sell predictive model where technical information is overlaid with commercial and financial information, allowing clients to expand their user-base. The clients are then able to visualize an end-to-end view of the business, focusing on network quality and budget requirements.

For example, Snype assists clients to overcome issues regarding prepaid revenues by employing its Revenue Assurance product. Snype was able to extract the data required to help the client identify the errors with their network and prevent major auditing issues with their external auditors. The information gathered was able to allow the company to correct the issue and as a result, increase its overall revenues.

The customers have the choice of running the solution in-house or using the Snype service bureau. The company is also focused on the Fintech sector, including M money, and international transfers, and delivers the reporting analytics and KPIs. The company's diverse application product solutions offer interconnection billing, SMSC firewall, campaign management, provisioning system, and device data collection. The product based solutions offer full coverage functionality following a modular approach for targeted deployments.

The company’s customer base includes renowned names from the telecom space like Orange, Sky Brazil (an AT&T company) and Wirecard. Snype is currently expanding globally and looks forward to tap into new and evolving technologies. With a technological progression in mind, Snype is implementing the platform of Hadoop onboard to meet customer demand.


Paris, France

Raoul Fontanez, CEO

Snype is international big data and analytics provider of end-to-end solutions , and application modules (notably revenue assurance & fraud detection) for the Telecom & Media operator, and Fintech