Softcrylic: Unifying Fragmented Digital Data

John Flavin, CEO
Softcrylic has grown from a pure software development and IT consulting shop to an organization with a robust Data & Digital Analytics practice and expertise around Test Automation. This combination has allowed for both the development of data oriented software solutions as well as a host of services that are geared towards the overflow of data that many organizations struggle to manage.

Today, businesses are making significant efforts to promote their brands, messages or sell their products on social, mobile, web, and partner channels. However, to assess the performance of their brands, messages, or products, organizations rely on the data that flows from the numerous tools within these channels and struggle to corroborate information to gain clear, relevant insights. “CIOs are facing challenges in aggregation, consolidation, and normalization of all the multi-channel data into a discernable view on cross channel performance,” begins John Flavin, CEO of Softcrylic. “Unless data aggregation and automation are the core competencies of a company, building an in-house solution that helps obtain meaningful information from the data deluge can be an ongoing drag of resource, time and money. Many CIOs are aware of this reality and look for solutions that address the problem without hampering their productivity,” remarks Flavin. Softcrylic eliminates these problems with its solution—TapestryKPI.

TapestryKPI is a cloud-based data management and analytics reporting solution that aggregates and consolidates data from a wide variety of data sources and automates the reporting of Key Performance Indicators, daily, weekly and monthly reports. The challenge of aggregating and normalizing data from multiple sources is one of the key values of the product. Organizations are leveraging this ‘data staging’ feature of TapestryKPI to more effectively use data visualization tools such as Tableau to do deep dive analysis into the data. One additional key benefit TapestryKPI provides is immense time savings of both in-house IT professionals as well as Analytics and Marketing personnel so they can focus on providing insights from the data rather than burning hours gathering and organizing the data.

TapestryKPI is a solution built from the unique combination of Softcrylic’s core software services along with their robust Digital Analytics group.

Building a solution that helps obtain meaningful information from the data deluge can be an ongoing drag of resource, time and money

“Our Analytics group is often brought in when an organization has lost faith in the metrics being produced in-house,” says Flavin. To help clients bring accuracy in the data capturing and reporting process, Softcrylic’s Analytics team performs an Analytics Audit to evaluate a client’s exact reporting requirements against what is actually being produced. “For this, we dig into the data and tagging structure to compose a clear picture of what data is actually being captured,” adds Flavin. “We then provide a comprehensive report on the gaps as well as a solution document to effectively aggregate the right data for the needed insight on the business.” Softcrylic’s technology team is then able to effectively implement a Tag Management Solution or simply tag the asset in accordance with the solution document. The result of having trust in the data also brings new opportunities to organizations. Softcrylic leans on their technology chops to help capitalize on the opportunities. “For example, we utilize cloud-based data warehousing solutions such as AWS Redshift to help enterprises distribute and organize the Big Data stake into small data marts for targeted needs,” says Flavin. “It provides the ease of use to access and obtain required information quickly from the specific data mart, rather than from a complex DW structure.”

Additionally, to help organizations rapidly move towards Agile or Continuous Delivery, Softcrylic has built a cloud-based Test Automation product—Automate- On. The solution combines test automation framework, pre-built testing libraries with a robust user interface. The result allows an organization to quickly get up and running with Test Automation while also providing technical and non-technical per-sonnel an intuitive user interface to manage test scripts and have clear reports on test performance.


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John Flavin, CEO

Enables clients to organize the overload of data from multiple channels and products into discernible information for better decision-making