Xiatech Consulting: Driving Customer Value through Big Data

Jonathan Summerfield, Founder and Managing Director
Businesses are increasingly leveraging latest technologies to attain more business value. With customers now expecting a consistent experience across different channels, B2C companies are implementing omnichannel strategies to meet their goals. The siloed nature of an enterprise’s IT infrastructure often impedes the effectiveness of these strategies. Having worked with several blue chip companies, Xiatech Consulting is a Business and Technology consultancy enabling its clients to achieve technology enabled business transformation, while improving their customers’ experience.

“We help clients transform their business by mapping their business goals to the technology required. Most recently, due to the need to operate in an omni-channel market, we have found that many organizations are asking us to solve the challenge of consolidating customer information from various channels, so that they can understand a 360 degree view of their customers,” says Jonathan Summerfield, Founder, Xiatech Consulting. The company has leveraged modern open source technology to solve big data problems using elastic cloud infrastructure. Xiatech has developed a scalable solution that enables clients to gain a single view of their customers across multiple touch points. When plugged into clients’ data sources, these tools bring all the customer data in one place, empowering companies with a single view of their customer data. “Our advisory services and technology platform help clients build big data solutions to have a clear view of customer data. The same solution is also currently being applied to inventory, product, and other transactional data.”

"Whether it is customers registering on the website, purchasing, or interacting with a contact center agent, we have the ability to capture every single customer event,” notes Summerfield. By having a consistent view of the customer journey across platforms including mobile, ecommerce, social media, online, or the retail store, Xiatech helps clients to drive informed decision-making.

“We enable this business transformation which our clients have failed to achieve through archaic Master Data Management and data warehouse techniques,” says Summerfield. For example, a retail client had attempted to embark on an omnichannel strategy.

Our advisory services and technology platform help clients build big data solutions to have a clear view of customer, inventory, product, and other transactional data

However, as data in each particular channel was siloed, the client couldn’t gain a 360 degree view of their customers and therefore was unable to analyze the impact of the omnichannel implementation nor fully exploit it. Xiatech was able to implement their strategic platform to make this information available, maximizing the benefits of their investment. This released true value by offering deep marketing insight, event data patterns, forecasting, segmentation and analytics, enabling them to to fuel the marketing campaigns and offer a more personalized experience online. Using this technology, Xiatech also enabled a Betting & Gaming client to cross sell their customers from Sports to the higher value Poker & Casino products.

Other than retailers, Xiatech caters its services to Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) businesses as well as Betting & Gaming, Fintech and wealth management companies. The firm is enabling clients to deliver superior customer experience through its services ranging from strategy and architecture, program delivery, business transformation, and big data solutions.

Xiatech’s consultants each have over 20 years experience with sound industry expertise. Through business transformation engagements, Xiatech’s team takes a personalized approach, where they ensure that the consultants engaging with a client remain the same during the course of the project.

For the future, the company is looking forward to expanding across other customer-facing industries. Xiatech is now offering its big data solution as a Platform-as-a-Service for businesses across numerous industry verticals.

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Jonathan Summerfield, Founder and Managing Director

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