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Dr. Zak El-Ramly, CEO
In the present enterprise scenario, there has been an inundation of digital data, flooding in from various sources like online surveys, social media, mobile devices, research agencies and a myriad of others—leading to data explosions. Amidst the influx of large pools of data, organizations are scrambling their way across the laborious and high cost tasks of data collection, management, analysis and integration. In an effort to counter the impediments that arise with data explosions, ZE, a veteran in this space with more than two decades of experience has been helping enterprises fulfill their varied data intensive business needs. “We provide tools to handle big data effectively and help customers understand the real-time market dynamics as fast as possible,” elucidates Dr. Zak El- Ramly, CEO, ZE.

The company helps solve data related business problems through its flagship solution, ZEMA. The solution provides a streamlined data collection service to give enterprises access to an unrivalled catalog of data sources and internal connectivity options. ZEMA offers extensive data coverage by collecting internal, public and private data from brokers, exchanges, system operators, weather providers, financial institutions, government agencies, and more. “With more than 600 unique data providers and over 4600 market data reports, the ZEMA data catalog is unrivalled,” remarks El- Ramly. Post data collection; the data repositories are normalized making the data uniformly consistent to enable a simplified analytic process. This data can then be transformed and transferred automatically and seamlessly to a wide range of enterprises’ downstream trade and risk systems, BI suites and ERP platforms for required insights. “ZEMA provides access to this information through the database, web services, scheduled jobs, messaging and push-based mechanisms letting users choose what works best for the company,” says El-Ramly.

In addition, ZEMA’s Market Analyzer, an advanced analytical tool, allows users to visualize and manipulate data to make better decisions. The tool supports simple or complex queries, a wide range of prebuilt and customized mathematic and statistical formulas and functions.

We provide tools to handle big data effectively and help customers understand the real-time market dynamics as fast as possible

“Users can view their results in interactive graphs, tables, export them to Excel, and share with other ZEMA users and systems across the company,” says El-Ramly.

ZEMA also allows companies to set corporate internal controls and monitors data usage to meet compliance requirements. ZEMA administrators secure and control corporate data by managing user permissions, reviewing usage patterns, and auditing system changes to promote data security and cost efficiency.

ZEMA’s integration capabilities make it easy to build on top of other enterprise applications such as ERP, BI, modeling tools and others. The company has worked with many Fortune 500 companies like Shell, Chevron Corporation, Cargill and CME and aided them with solutions for advanced data integration and business process automation. In one instance, ZE customized ZEMA for a client in the utility sector to automate the process of acquiring and managing data for asset optimization needs. On realizing the cost of maintaining an in-house big data system was high, the client decided to opt for ZEMA, which successfully became their own System of Records (SOR). The customer was able to add more data types like financial statements, customer data, market supply, market demand, and fx rates and then redistribute the data for better integration and analysis.

Forging ahead, “We are always innovating and looking out for new ways to perform better and generate faster results,” concludes El-Ramly.

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Richmond, BC

Dr. Zak El-Ramly, CEO

ZEMA facilitates the collection, connection, analysis and integration of data for process intensive corporations

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