Agilisium: Harnessing Data to Accelerate Business Agility

Raj Babu, Founder & Head of Customer Success
Armed with nearly two decades of hands-on technical expertise in Business Intelligence (BI) implementation across wide-ranging projects, Raj Babu comprehended the potential of big data to transform businesses by facilitating intelligent decision-making and quicker time-to-market. This realization gave Raj the impetus to lay the foundation of Agilisium, a digital system integrator in big data, analytics, and insights with global delivery capabilities. Through design thinking enabled services, Agilisium focuses on delivering actionable business insights over cloud platforms while achieving a minimum of 30 percent TCO reduction.

As enterprises generate huge volumes of data, both from within and outside, if the same is not managed properly it will turn into an unintelligible hulk of information. To address this challenge, Agilisium teams up with cloud and data management pioneers such as AWS Cloud, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Once the bulk of data gets integrated into these cloud platforms, it is set to serve as the backbone for data analytics and BI solutions such as Hadoop, Splunk, AWS EMR, Cloudera, Spark, Presto, and Amazon Redshift. “Such a setup helps our clients easily store huge amounts of data and quickly derive real-time customer insights at an affordable cost,” remarks Raj, Founder and Head of Customer Success, Agilisium.

As a digital transformation system integrator, Agilisium marks its presence in the industry as one of the top 20 global companies to be enlisted as AWS Redshift’s Integration and Consulting Partner. The company rightfully earns this accreditation owing to the well-grounded big data solutions that it caters to its extensive clientele across the U.S.

Agilisium’s focus is not limited to providing big data services alone, but also to build digital data solutions that can derive real-time insights with the ever-growing data sources and thereby accelerating customers’ digital transformation journey. The company is in the process of developing teams with consumer-focused culture espousing best practices like design thinking to ensure that Agilisium’s digital solutions yield long-term value for its clients. What makes Agilisium unique is its retinue of qualified personnel who are not just technocrats but also savvy digital domain experts who expound all possible approaches keeping in mind the business goals of the clients’.

Through a comprehensive suite of digital accelerators and design thinking enabled services, Agilisium focuses on delivering actionable business insights over cloud platforms while achieving a minimum of 30 percent TCO reduction

Citing an instance, Raj explains how Agilisium came to the aid of a leading company in the music industry. The client was bogged down by huge masses of structured and unstructured data assets that needed proper management. Ingesting and processing bulks of data from different sources became one of the major operational challenges, affecting their business productivity. Besides, the client was looking for fast, on-demand access to data and a dependable system to conduct data analytics and visualization. To this end, Agilisium proposed to create a data repository (Data Lake) that was scalable and flexible to take in data irrespective of the format. The repository was capable of garnering and managing diverse volumes of unstructured and semi-structured data and also access data in real time. In the end, the client achieved 50 percent reduction in time-to-market due to improved data governance, in addition to a significant drop in operational cost.

With digitalization becoming the new normal, Agilisium intends to capitalize on new opportunities and trends to enhance customer interaction and upgrade service to end users. In the words of Raj, “Digital transformation is less about bringing only new ideas and more about enhancing experience of what's already in place.” Resting undivided faith on its team with respect to skills, culture, and potential, Agilisium is buckled up to help clients across verticals, tackle any challenge posed by the multifaceted needs of digital transformation.

Agilisium News

Get The Most Out of Your AWS Redshift Workload With Agilisium's Redshift Optimization Program

LOS ANGELES - Agilisium today announced the launch of its Amazon Redshift Optimization program, a holistic, phased approach to rapidly optimize Amazon Redshift workloads.

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) workloads must constantly evolve to accommodate changing business needs. Over time, these vital yet necessary changes lead to Cost, Performance among other challenges. Scaling Amazon Redshift EDWs to meet increasing compute and reporting needs; while ensuring optimal Cost, Performance and Security standards can seem like a daunting task for many organizations.

To that end, Agilisium has devised a holistic Amazon Redshift Optimization program, where a 3-step process (Diagnose -> Optimize -> Maintain) is leveraged to help organizations identify their Amazon Redshift challenges and address them in a structured manner, while extracting more value from the workload in the process. At the core of the program is Agilisium's 100+ Redshift-specific best practices collated over the last 7 years from migrating 15+ PB successfully to AWS.

For the first step “ Diagnose “ a comprehensive yet rapid fact-based assessment of the Amazon Redshift workload is conducted using Agilisium's homegrown Automated Assessment toolkit “ Redshift Inspector. The toolkit performs a holistic 60-point check of your Amazon Redshift workload and provides accurate observations of how your workload stacks up against the 5 pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF), in less than 2 hours.

Agilisium's Enterprise Clients have realized notable Cost, Performance and Security benefits from the program. Here is how:

Holistic Redshift Assessment leads to 40% lower cost and 30% performance uptick for M&E Giant (Under 3 min read)

U.S Pharma giant run 50% faster queries (Under 3 min read)

"Organizations are challenged with maintaining the initial enthusiasm when they first migrated to Amazon Redshift. Optimization is not a one-and-done exercise and requires sustained focus, a luxury that most organizations do not possess. On that regard, we have come up with a program to help Clients optimize their Amazon Redshift workloads holistically and in the process, help extract more value from their existing Amazon Redshift investments," says Raj Babu, Founder & CEO of Agilisium Consulting, LLC.

With a proven model, Agilisium is keen to help organizations of all sizes extract more value from their Amazon Redshift EDWs, even as it evolves to keep up with changing business requirements. If you are interested or would like to learn more about the program, please drop a note to


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Raj Babu, Founder & Head of Customer Success

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