jSonar: Making Big Data Easy and Affordable

Chris Brown, Head of Marketing & Strategy
Big data continues to gain momentum as an enabling technology within enterprises for both massive data management and intelligent analytics. While the benefits of big data are clear, the path to realizing them is littered with hurdles, incompatibilities, exploding hardware costs, and failed projects. Boston, MA-based jSonar solves this dilemma by providing highly flexible big data analytics solutions that readily deliver the benefits to businesses, but minus the pain.

By blending the productivity of NoSQL, the performance of MPP platforms, and industry-leading HW scalability, the firm delivers a true “out of the box” solution for rapidly solving big data challenges in the cloud or on-premises. A rich library of operators and functional extensions is also provided to substantially reduce the otherwise heavy burden on developers to create the code necessary to achieve the desired functionality, especially for analytical workloads. “Enterprises are struggling with the innumerable challenges associated with converting powerful yet raw technologies into effective solutions and jSonar is focused on streamlining that transformation,” remarks Chris Brown, Head of Marketing & Strategy, jSonar.

The foundation for jSonar’s product offering is SonarW, an innovative big data warehousing architecture that stores, manages, and natively queries JSON data. Optimized for analytical workloads, ease of use and HW/Storage efficiency, the SonarW platform leverages various technologies including advanced parallel processing, polymorphic storage, and embedded machine learning engines to deliver easily accessible yet very powerful solutions. For example, by not being an architecture that relies on keeping indexes in memory, SonarW is immune to the hardware sprawl that plagues many big data projects and can deliver comparable performance levels at less than 1/10th the alternative hardware requirements. “For many of our clients their entire 100TB big data repository is achieved via a single commodity server or cloud instance,” informs Brown.

With SonarW at its core, multiple jSonar products are available to address challenges spanning security, IoT and embedded applications.

For enterprises struggling with innumerable challenges related to converting powerful raw technologies into effective solutions, jSonar is focused on enabling that transformation

For example, SonarG is purpose built for optimizing Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) environments struggling with data aggregation, long-term retention and forensic reporting. It is also able to incorporate cloud-based DAM feeds to create a unified DAM warehouse capable of normalizing activity data from multiple sources.

The need for cost-effective, large-scale retention is not limited to DAM solutions but rather is pervasive throughout the security domain, as evidenced by the many organizations struggling to leverage Security Data Lakes. Another jSonar product, SonarC2, readily solves this need by providing an instant Security Lake/Cloud capable of ingesting a wide variety of security data feeds and delivering noise cancellation, profiling analytics and high performance reporting. The SonarC2 low-cost, multi-year repository enables clients to preserve access to all raw security and compliance data for years, fully query-able and available for deep analytics and enrichment, at a fraction of the cost of SIEM solutions.

jSonar’s core strength lies in its ability to deliver solutions that eliminate the giant leaps of faith that organizations have to take today as they race to embrace the promise of big data without fully comprehending the associated challenges. “Shifting the abstraction point towards more sophisticated building modules, in combination with an innovative engine, has opened up new avenues for us to help our clients rapidly achieve their application and business goals,” concludes Brown.


Boston, MA

Chris Brown, Head of Marketing & Strategy

Combines the simplicity of NoSQL, the speed of MPP platforms, and efficient scalability to deliver rapidly deployed large-scale analytical solutions