Semantix: A Data Science Pioneer

Leonardo Santos, Co-Founder & CEO
Today, enterprises focus on transforming the vast amounts of big data into valuable intelligence for better decision making. However, enterprise big data initiatives powered by process-embedded artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data analytics, often encounter challenges associated with complexity, consumerization, and continuous recalibration of new data flowing into their ecosystem. To fill in this deficit for efficient cognitive computing solutions, Sao Paulo, Brazil headquartered Semantix serves a one-stop-shop for data solutions based on their AI techniques and big data expertise across multiple domains. The firm brings in capabilities to work with data irrespective of a company’s stage of infrastructure maturity, ranging from the initial stage of infrastructure up to the complex stage of using AI algorithms to find value within data. “By working on every aspect of the process, Semantix is able to understand and work with any solution around data, with unchallenged flexibility,” states Leonardo Santos, Co-founder and CEO of Semantix.

The biggest trend right now is AI, and Semantix has the skills, experience, cases and success stories that show how the company is able to do this. One of the most difficult challenges for achieving the state-of-the-art of AI solutions is by having the right talents and skills to find the best solution for a given problem in a specific environment. For instance, having all the required ingredients, the firm has successfully developed an AI algorithm solution—Juri.AI—to predict court decisions for a given lawsuit along with the related data and metadata, allowing customers to reduce their legal costs enormously.

Another essential challenge identified by Semantix is working with sensor data to gather information about the real world, and to that end, the firm has developed for physical stores in Brazil is Semantix Sense. The firm has invented a sensor that uses wireless connections to detect and position people in a physical environment, allowing clients to understand the behavior of their own customers inside their branch offices or physical stores. So Semantix Sense creates a heatmap of the store that allows companies to understand where people gather the most and change their layout accordingly to increase their conversion rates.

By working on every aspect of the process, Semantix is able to understand and work with any solution around data, with unchallenged flexibility

This sort of “google analytics” for the physical world is a worldwide demand that Semantix is now able to tackle with Semantix Sense. Also, Semantix Sense assisting customers with finding exactly what they need.

Furthermore, Semantix also provides custom consulting services and support for partner technologies from leading partners such as Cloudera, Intel, Lucidworks, and Datastax, to help their clients with creating their data strategy. The data experts at the firm are adept at designing the architecture of intelligent solutions as well as modeling data for NoSQL databases based on the application needs. One of the instances had Semantix helping Bradesco, a leading banking, and financial services company, with developing a smart digital banking application—Next—that would provide young audiences with a transparent and intuitive experience. Semantix created the architecture and the algorithm to classify financial transactions of the client's customers in categories, which in turn allowed customers to have a smart experience using their account systems, including graphic reports of spending per category.

Semantix is committed to tackling data-related issues across geographies and has plans for extensive geographical expansion across Latin America and Europe shortly. The firm has already stationed their team in Bogota, Colombia, where they would be partaking in product creation and implementation, and delivery of consulting services in addition to providing training and support for their big data, machine learning, and IoT solutions.


São Paulo, Brazil

Leonardo Santos, Co-Founder & CEO

Provides consulting services for big data analytics solutions and addresses challenges associated with the construction of high-performance data products