Guavus: AI-driven Big Data Analytics

Stephen Spellicy, VP of Products & Marketing
Real-time sensors and various IoT devices are procuring data at an alarming rate. The deluge of data has caused many communications service providers (CSPs) to struggle with an effective way to manage and provide real business value from all this data.

Enter Guavus - a Thales company, providing AI-based big data analytics software that analyzes high volumes of machine and sensor-generated data to help CSPs gain a competitive edge. With Guavus’ solutions, telcos, mobile and cable network operators can understand and improve the operational behavior of their next-generation networks, which directly impacts their revenue opportunity. “With our AI-based analytics solutions, our customers can better understand how their network affects their subscribers and how their subscribers utilize their network services -- the subscriber experience is the constant in this equation,” says Stephen Spellicy, VP of Products and Marketing at Guavus.

Guavus is a pioneer in real-time big data analytics. Its products are used by 6 of the 7 largest service providers worldwide. On average, its software is used to analyze more than five petabytes of data each day for its customers. The Guavus Reflex® platform has been built from the ground up to ingest and analyze the large volumes of streaming business data that is generated from CSP networks globally. Guavus Reflex uses advanced data science algorithms which take the results of the data from supervised/unsupervised machine learning and make classifications using AI to drive actionable insights.

At its core, the Guavus Reflex platform is an analytics solution consisting of two essential elements, the Reflex Analytics Fabric and the Base Processing Layer. The processing layer ingests information at a high rate and volume, from a variety of sources. It can ingest a variety of data types and formats, then analyze all the data at scale. In the Reflex Analytics Fabric, the data is brought into the core of the analytics engine where advanced machine learning algorithms are applied to analyze the data in real-time. Also within the Reflex Analytics Fabric are the analytics accelerators, which are methods, techniques and functions that make it easy for the applications to consume the data in a meaningful format.

With our solutions, communications service providers can better understand how their customers use their services and how they can best engage them,” adds Spellicy

They enable the enrichment, curation and flexible viewing of the data to meet the requirements of analytics applications designed to solve specific problems. In this way, Guavus Reflex can solve operational challenges, streamline processes in real-time, and help CSPs achieve their business goals.

Guavus has fully adopted Agile as a development and process methodology along with acquiring a formalized innovation process to drive new ideas and bring to market industry-leading products. Their process involves looking for relevant problems in the market, identifying ways to improve operations and network management and drive new business innovations to improve the customer experience.

Guavus’ innovation process allows the company to define new and innovative use cases by working closely with customers on proof of concepts and the maturation of new technology products that not only solve individual CSP network and business issues but help others in the industry at large. Their process fast-tracks the evaluation of a use case into a new product initiative that will ultimately be rolled out as a new offering in the market.

Setting the pace in the industry even before “big data analytics” became a buzzword, Guavus is looking to expand into new industry verticals and reach out to more customers. “We are pushing the envelope in terms of continuing to enhance our product portfolio to help our customers enrich and improve their own customers’ experience through advanced analytics,” concludes Spellicy.


San Jose, CA

Stephen Spellicy, VP of Products & Marketing

Offers AI-based big data analytics solutions that analyze high volumes of machine- and sensor-generated data to help communications service providers gain a competitive edge