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Leonardo Santos, CEO
Owing to the democratization of artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and digital transformation, data protection has become one of the primary concerns across industries today. In the evolving scenario, security experts are coming up with new tactics to fend off the advanced threats in the interconnected enterprise networks. Enunciating the same, Leonardo Santos, CEO of Semantix says, “As data protection is becoming imperative for organizations, solutions that can protect data while allowing different teams to analyze them will be of great relevance in future.” The industry veteran further mentions that data protection is steadily becoming a ubiquitous issue due to the proliferation of AI and big data solutions, demanding great data volume with considerable quality. “Because of that, several tech-savvy CIOs are working with the collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) in order to apply governance, detect data lineage, and provide governed assets to data scientists and engineers for all of their current projects.” In this regard, Semantix works with platforms, products, and solutions that allow endto-end security integrations and data protection policies.

A 360-degree data company, Semantix brings a comprehensive data vision to steer ahead of other emerging players in the market. “We can offer the best architectures for each solution that we work with,” adds Santos. The firm also boasts of a team with sound knowledge of AI algorithms, which is focused on eradicating the data engineering problems of its clients.

Semantix’s portfolio of products and services enables its clients to navigate through the data-driven landscape in a cost-effective manner. “With indepth knowledge and pertinent market experience, we offer the best technology suite for mitigating data security problems of our clients,” mentions Santos. The firm provides AIJUS, a solution that uses AI to analyze lawsuits and predict court decisions. With this software, law professionals can transform their workflow and reduce the expenses associated with legal litigation. Powered by AI, the legal software enables Semantix’s clients to fine-tune agreement policies, characteristics of court processes, and standards.

Semantix works with platforms, products, and solutions that allow security integrations and data protection policies

The other proprietary offering—OpenGalaxy— enables companies to build big data infrastructure in a single click, which saves the time for deploying and managing data platforms. The platform supports multi-cloud networks and enables companies to perform data and service moves between clouds without any loss. “We also offer IoT integration with our IoT platform and Semantix Sense solution,” states Santos.

Over the years, Semantix has played a vital role when it comes to assisting companies in digitalizing infrastructure with big data and AI. Santos points out a project where his firm implemented a PCI-certified cluster for one of its clients and helped them in calculating the risk involved in every operation and also detecting the fraud associated with each channel. In another successful project, the firm developed data science AI algorithms for a Brazil-based car manufacturer. Here, Semantix worked on both operational data and external weather data to find out the correlation between the weather and the quality of vehicles after manufacturing. “This enabled the manufacturer to make accurate predictions about the car quality before it is rolled out,” mentions Santos.

Since its genesis, the company’s suite of integrated solutions has played an elemental role in aiding its clients to thrive in the digital era. Moving ahead, the firm envisions diversifying to Latin America and subsequently expanding its horizon to Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. “As the world is radically driven by AI, we will constantly fuel our portfolio to become the best reference company offering solutions around data,” concludes Santos.


Sao Paulo, Brazil

Leonardo Santos, CEO

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