Hanumayamma Innovations and Technologies: Ushering Big Data Revolution to Animal Husbandry

Chandrasekar Vuppala, Senior Vice President
Today, big data has become indispensable for the organizations, as it helps them gain insights from the humongous amount of business data for making informed decisions that result in the best possible outcome. However, this technology seems to be available only to a selected few organizations with deep pockets. On the other hand, big data has the potential to transform agriculture by offering insights into environmental data that can help farmers enhance their agricultural produce, and be a means to provide food security to the people. This is the need of the hour in the current scenario of rapid climate change and population explosion that has led to suboptimal growth of agricultural products. But, the adoption of big data in agriculture faces affordability hurdles. This is what Hanumayamma Innovations and Technologies addresses explicitly. The machine learning and data science company offers affordable data-driven analytical solutions to the dairy farming sector, which is a significant part of the agriculture industry. Hanumayamma manufactures wearable diagnostic sensors that are based on AI and IoT technologies to assist small/medium-sized dairy farmers in gaining data-driven insights regarding their cattle health and predicting milk output and its quality. “We want to bring machine learning and big data to small farmers as well as the animal husbandry sector to help humanity and beyond,” says Chandrasekar Vuppalapati, Senior Vice President of Hanumayamma Innovations and Technologies.

Hanumayamma’s wearable diagnostic cattle sensors collect valuable data such as the cattle’s food and water intake, medication, activity and environmental data such as ambient temperature, and humidity. Once the data is uploaded to the company’s central cloud server, their Connected Dairy Analytics platform, it delivers the insights to the farmers to facilitate better management of dairy activities. The platform works in synergy with the weather forecast and uses historical analysis to predict the impact of a particular season on the cattle’s health based on their observed behavior. This enables farmers to proactively identify heat stress and bovine respiratory disease and take preventive measures. For instance, the analytics platform can automatically enable water sprinklers or cooling system in case a cow suffers from heat stress and provide useful insights about the animal’s water intake.
Understanding that the farmers work in remote locations, Hanumayamma designs sensors that can store data for two weeks. As and when there a network connection gets established, the sensors transmit the data to the cloud-based platform for analysis.

We want to bring machine learning and big data to small farmers as well as the animal husbandry sector to help humanity and beyond

As a part of the client onboarding process, Hanumayamma visits farmers’ sites to identify the location of the farm and cattle. After geo-mapping of the site, sensors are deployed on the farm as well as the cattle, connecting them to the farmer’s phones. Once the farmer is on board, the company provides two-day training surrounding the hardware such as charging the sensors and replacement of batteries. Finally, it trains the farmers regarding the software and the features that it contains.

Vuppalapati highlights their collaboration with the biggest dairy cooperative in India that works with thousands of farmers. The century-old dairy product company faced the challenge of low milk output during peak summers. The dairy company approached Hanumayamma with the assistance of the local government. The company provided wearable cattle sensors to the farmers equipping them with the information of the cattle’s nutrition intake, medication, and overall health helping them take better care of their herds and increase the milk output. As a result, the client enhanced their productivity with the collective increase of milk production of the farmers.

From dairy to venue analytics, Hanumayamma delivers essential technologies and expertise to overcome significant big data challenges. The company is strengthening its engineering and technology prowess. Hanumayamma will reinforce its analytics capabilities using regular classification and regression processes. Vuppalapati emphasizes on going public and getting listed on the international stock exchange to boost their manufacturing capacity.

Hanumayamma Innovations and Technologies

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Chandrasekar Vuppala, Senior Vice President

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