Sahani Software: Architecting Digitally Empowered Enterprise Systems

Ajay Sahani, Founder and President
While the bell has long been chiming for businesses to adapt, harness the power of data and streamline the digital processes, COVID-19 propelled industries to a technology tipping point, reprioritizing the need for these capabilities. The mounting pressure to beat the competition and stay ahead of the game has also forced organizations to fast-track their digital transformation journey and explore the true potential of digital capabilities.

Granted the benefits, the steep learning curve around implementing these advanced technologies in a safe and secured manner continues to be a challenge, holding back many companies from riding the digital wave with full force. The legacy baggage of older companies with their outdated infrastructure and workforce coupled with a hazy understanding of the capabilities and pitfalls related to the technology at hand are also hurdles that prevent organizations from utilizing the full potential of digitization at large.

This is where Sahani Software Solutions as an IT consultant company play their part in taking the enterprise systems to better performance through analytics and data science. With three decades of expertise in the IT industry, Ajay Sahani, President and Founder of the company, is well acquainted with the legacy systems and is at the cutting edge of technology, providing IT consulting in enterprise software architecture, design & development.

“We incorporate emerging technologies to help in the digital transformation of large enterprise systems to achieve business goals faster, cheaper, and better," says Sahani on the company’s value proposition.

With the vast expanse of data stored as written records and enterprises accustomed to the manual processes, digitizing all of those processes without affecting the ongoing business is a herculean task. Sahani drives the digitalization of enterprise systems through a phased approach. Phase one involves capturing data, getting the connectivity and groundwork done, and slowly introducing digitization, with more automated processes. The second phase involves utilizing the collected data to run operations like predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, and the like.
The onboarding processes involve a month of initial engagement for a pre-analysis to understand the current landscape in terms of the technologies the client uses, their business processes, pain points, and long-term goals. With this evaluation, the client is given a priority list of gaps and action plans to start the digital transformation. Having reached a consensus, the company instructs or collaborates with the client's IT team or uses the help of other companies. Sahani does the lead work as an IT solution architect to help clients chalk out their roadmap and give guidance regarding the implementation, validation, and deployment process as well.

We incorporate the emerging technologies to help in the digital transformation of large enterprise systems to achieve business goals faster, cheaper, and better

The company is technology-agnostic, which helps them come up with logical solutions and customizes them to the current ecosystem of the clients, unlike larger companies with pre-set templates for solving problems. One of the latest engagements was with Disney World in Florida, helping them in re-engineering the ticketing system and enabling them for advanced analytics. It involved setting up the groundwork to revamp their old legacy systems, which were manually driven. The company came up with a roadmap to convert their manual intensive business processes more into automated ones, laying all the groundwork for advanced analytics.

With years of expertise in the IT space, the company is trying to expand their services into the government space and the education and mentoring space of IT as well. Sahani also sees huge scope in the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) space that focuses on more generalized solutions in AI and uses Sanskrit as the framework to develop computer programming. “It’s a more puristic form of AI with people leaning towards India and Sanskrit as the vehicle for providing these advanced solutions effectively. We are currently pursuing it to see how it can be potentially utilized in AI technologies as we position ourselves for the future,” concludes Sahani.

Sahani Software

Greater Orlando, Florida

Ajay Sahani, Founder and President

Sahani Software is an IT consulting company based in Orlando, Florida. The company provides consulting services in enterprise software architecture, design, and development, as well as help in the digital transformation of enterprise systems. Sahani analyzes the client company's tech infrastructure, processes, people, and organization to both strengthen the organization's short-term performance and maintain sustainable long-term improvement

Sahani Software