Top 100 Big Data Solution Companies - 2015

‘Big Data’ is no more a buzzword. Now that organizations have already put their wide arms around Big Data, the next impediment lies around, refining the data to bring out insightful and meaningful results. In the wake of such scenario, experts of the field predict trends such as linking System of Records (SOR) data with Big Data repositories to open the doors of organizational efficiency. With every bit of ‘0’ and ‘1’ being harnessed as meaningful "collections," enterprises are sure to achieve complete utilization of their concrete information, and attain significant outcomes. Another trend that has gained notable traction is capitalization of cloud for storing invaluable sets of data. While majority of enterprises consider it as a risky venture owing to the concerns of system latency, few others embark upon it for the sake of business agility.

 With myriad of such transformations looming in the air of technology, enterprises are confident to embrace innovative ways to hold together the regulations of corporate world, and also ensure participating in the realm of Big Data. In order to uphold a fine balance, it has become critical for the CIOs to choose proper technology and select best vendors that are at the forefront of effectively tacking the impediments across the Big Data realm. To help them accomplish their objective, CIO Review presents “100 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers 2015.”

A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts including CIO Review editorial board has decided the top Big Data Solution Providers from over thousand companies. The companies featured in this list provide a look into how their products work in the real world, so that you can gain an extensive understanding of the solutions available and how they stand against competition. We believe this information will help you while you make Big Data strategies for your organization.

We present you CIO Review’s 100 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers of 2015.

    Top Big Data Solution Companies

  • 1

    An innovation driven big data solution provider for high-tech manufacturers working on the IoT, cloud computing, M2M.

  • 2

    Provides solutions to Fortune 100 companies by architecting, designing and developing data warehouse, data integration and business intelligence systems.

  • 3

    Providing innovative technology and solutions that reduce costs and improve performance while leveraging big data solutions.

  • 4

    Provider of the Apervita platform and marketplace for health analytics & data where enterprises can create, discover, and apply on-demand health insight.

  • 5

    Provider of Big Data Acceleration solutions that make it easier for enterprises to adopt and capitalize on Big Data technologies, while optimizing the budget

  • 6

    b³ Intelligence provides advanced statistical capabilities, predictive analytics, market research and data management.

  • 7

    Full-service information technology consulting firm that helps complex organization transform their data into enhanced actionable decisions

  • 8

    BASELAYER delivers hardware and software products which ensure the data center fulfills the needs of today’s applications and support innovation into the future. We simplify the data center and make it smart.

  • 9

    Provides data science and analytics, along with strategies that improve customer experience and communication

  • 10

    A product engineering company focused on building enterprise application platforms, big data analytics solutions and enterprise mobile solutions

  • 11

    Provider of analytics, intelligence, and measurement services to help develop data management practices across channels

  • 12

    Provider of investor communications and technology-driven solutions for wealth management, asset management, and capital market firms

  • 13

    A firm that utilizes big data and predictive modeling to help organizations reach and serve customers optimally

  • 14

    Provider of expert business intelligence, big data analytics, and data warehouse consulting services

  • 15

    Serves companies by triangulating their internal big data, secondary data, and primary research to develop evidence-based strategies

  • 16

    Provider of smart building control and operation solutions

  • 17

    Provider of big data, business intelligence, and analytics solutions

  • 18

    Provides operations management, decision analytics, and technology platforms to organizations in insurance, healthcare,banking and financial services, utilities, travel, and transportation, among others.

  • 19

    Providing Big Data insights in the field of remote sensor data monitoring, device management firmware updates, M2M applications, and wireless communications

  • 20

    Fusionex is a multi award winning IT Group, specializing in Analytics, Big Data and the Internet of Things that caters to a wide spectrum of organizations, bridging the gap between business and technology

  • 21

    Provider of identity data intelligence solutions, to improve customer’s overall experience whilst adhering to their own internal risk management, fraud or compliance procedures

  • 22

    Global Analytics is an analytics-driven and web-based financial services company focusing on the underbanked consumers.

  • 23

    Proprietary data and analytics platform, which allows companies doing business in the government sector to answer critical questions around market size, opportunity qualification, competitive positioning and partner profiling.

  • 24

    Helps companies build intelligent, intuitive and real-time customer relationships with data-driven marketing strategy.

  • 25

    Provides products and strategic consulting for the next generation of customer data management for omni-channel support.

  • 26

    Provides fast, robust data management and protection software solutions for structured, semi-structured, and unstructured (dark) data in a low-risk, ergonomic Eclipse platform that challenges megavendor ETL package costs, and Apache project complexity.

  • 27

    IIS deploys business critical projects in place of old traditional database using Big Data platform.

  • 28

    Provides products that facilitate big data analytics, data management services and software defined storage.

  • 29

    Mammoth Data specializes in combining strategy and experience with modern big data technologies to transform unstructured data in to real business intelligence

  • 30

    Provider of popular health management technology and services for risk-bearing healthcare organizations across the care continuum

  • 31

    Solving business challenges facing global organizations through the use of data and advanced analytics

  • 32

    Provides Sales and Marketing monetization software solutions by delivering tools that can transform data into valuable information thereby increasing client’s bottom line revenue

  • 33

    Provider of quality service in the domain of Business Intelligence, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning, Data Management, Infrastructure Services and Data Security.

  • 34

    An end-to-end big data product and services company driving efficient big data lifecycles across various industry verticals.

  • 35

    Delivering a modular, compact information processing environment that can generate, create, operate, protect, enhance and govern gigabytes of data.

  • 36

    A business intelligence and data analytics consulting firm helping organizations achieve superior performance by realizing the business potential of data technology.

  • 37

    Optimity Advisors is a strategy, operations, and IT consultancy that helps clients in complex industries navigate rapid market and technological changes

  • 38

    Provider of data orchestration and demand analytics for the world’s leading consumer goods companies

  • 39

    Provider of decision management technologies for solving complex big data problems

  • 40

    Providing digital in-store product location solutions for top retailers to help mobile shoppers search, plan, and complete their in-store shopping trips

  • 41

    Prism Skylabs’s unique cloud service transforms any video camera into a business intelligence tool that can be accessed fro m any device

  • 42

    This is a consulting and implementation firm focusing largely on business intelligence and data warehousing for enterprise customers

  • 43

    A retail intelligence and analytics company which lets consumer brands and retailers see what their shoppers are seeing and provides analytics to immediately correct issues and improve planning

  • 44

    Provides advanced analytical solutions to deliver commercial and operational performance improvement predominantly in the Retail and Supplier industries, through a portfolio of software solutions and a complementary deep data analytics service

  • 45

    Providing global analytics and big data solutions that help businesses in fraud detection, prevention, and management

  • 46

    Provides rapid, cost-effective, petabyte-scale big data analytics SQL database

  • 47

    SynGlyphX software enables organizations to visually integrate complex, heterogeneous data in a single computer screen. This allows the user to more quickly identify patterns, trends, and anomalies in their data – and get on to taking informed action

  • 48

    Provider of high scalable software solutions for solving complex graph and machine learning algorithms

  • 49

    A leading provider of Business Intelligence (BI) built on a Data Warehouse which develops innovative Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse Automation (DWA)

  • 50

    Offers Big Data solutions to help businesses make smart decisions and adapt to current market requirements in the Big Data space

  • 51

    A company delivering unbiased information, analytic tools, benchmarks, services, and related expertise to the healthcare industry

  • 52

    Provides end-to-end solutions aiming to solve business challenges arising from Big Data implementations.

  • 53

    Provides SAP BI/BW, SAP BusinessObjects, SAP HANA and SAP BPC, and Visualization tools such as SAP Dashboards, SAP Lumira, Tableau, TIBCO Spotfire

  • 54

    Provides APIs for speech recognition and analytics, powering the insights every business needs

  • 55

    A provider of XMPro iBOS, a platform that provides operational intelligence for organizations to sense key business events, decide if action is needed and respond in real-time

  • 56

    Provider of big data, analytics, decision science, and visualization products and services along with enterprise application solutions

  • 57

    1010 data

    1010 data

    Provides a cloud-based platform for big data discovery and data sharing that delivers actionable, data-driven insights quickly and easily.

  • 58



    Transforms big data into business value for organizations of all sizes, no matter where they are on their analytics journey.

  • 59

    Alpine Data

    Alpine Data

    Collaborative, scalable, and visual solution for Advanced Analytics on Big Data and Hadoop.

  • 60



    Provides an indispensable and easy-to-use analytics platform for enterprise companies making critical decisions that drive their business strategy and growth.

  • 61



    Provider of Big Data as a Service, helps businesses maximize the value of their data without the challenge and expense of managing complex technologies on their own.

  • 62



    Using big data analytics platform, xPatterns, utilizes all data types at scale to provide illuminating analysis and enables rapid application deployment.

  • 63

    Axtria - Ingenious Insights

    Axtria - Ingenious Insights

    Combines domain expertise, data analytics and cloud technology to help clients make better data-driven decisions.

  • 64

    Bista Solutions

    Bista Solutions

    Implements ERP for small and mid-sized Manufacturing Businesses

  • 65



    A leading business reporting and analysis software company

  • 66



    Enables business users to explore complex and disparate data in real time

  • 67



    Provider of a new breed of experience analytics software and solutions

  • 68



    Provides Big Data application infrastructure, delivering products that help enterprises create, deploy, run and manage data applications at scale

  • 69



    Makes big data analytics easy for everyone

  • 70



    Healthcare analytics and custom software development company focused on delivering Big Data solutions to the healthcare industry

  • 71



    Provides cloud-based business intelligence and big data analytics platform.

  • 72



    Provider of big data analytics solutions for operational intelligence.

  • 73



    Accelerates business transformations with Open Enterprise Hadoop by developing, distributing and supporting an enterprise-scale data platform built entirely on open source technology including Apache™ Hadoop®.

  • 74



    Specializes in designing and building business intelligence and data warehousing systems that provide exceptional value.

  • 75



    Independent provider of data integration software.

  • 76



    provides a single version of the truth for finance, sales and marketing teams, which enables companies to make better decisions.

  • 77

    Kavi Global

    Kavi Global

    Data analytics consulting company that brings personalized attention and insight-driven business value to every client engagement.

  • 78

    Kloutix Magarpatta

    Kloutix Magarpatta

    Helps organizations build analytical solutions that not only enable decision-making, but also does so in the most cost effective manner.

  • 79



    It is a software-only, high performance in-memory analytical solution that delivers high-speed data access to large data volumes using lowcost industry-standard hardware

  • 80



    It is a parallel, massively distributed analytics database. It is a hybrid architecture, running currently on stock Apache Hadoop, but we have our own Map/Reduce, and we run columnar databases on each node

  • 81

    Metric Insights

    Metric Insights

    It will bridge the last mile to Business Intelligence and Big Data and let your users cut through the noise, focus immediately on the critical business issues that warrant their attention, and take action.

  • 82

    Opera Solutions

    Opera Solutions

    Now a global leader in Big Data analytics and data science and serve many of the world’s leading companies and are committed to applying science and technology in ways that help our clients solve their most complex challenges

  • 83

    Pentaho Hazeltine National

    Pentaho Hazeltine National

    A Hitachi Data Systems company, is a leading data integration and business analytics company with an enterprise-class, open source-based platform for diverse big data deployments

  • 84



    Cloud native platform drives software innovation for many of the world’s most admired brands. With millions of developers in communities around the world, It touches billions of users every day

  • 85

    PKA Technologies

    PKA Technologies

    Provides IT solutions to fortune 500 and mid-size commercial companies, state and local governments, and educational institutions

  • 86

    Platfora Inc.

    Platfora Inc.

    Big Data Discovery platform built natively on Apache Hadoop and Spark

  • 87

    Pyramid Analytics

    Pyramid Analytics

    Is a Microsoft Gold partner, with a gold competency in Business Intelligence. Operational centers in the USA, UK, and EMEA. Pyramid Analytics is backed by Sequoia Capital

  • 88



    Our goal is not only to enable massive speed and scale to the data platform, but also to provide better self-service access to the data for business users

  • 89

    Rhiza Labs

    Rhiza Labs

    It is an online platform pioneering the way marketers and salespeople make Big Data actionable

  • 90

    Rosslyn Analytics

    Rosslyn Analytics

    A leading global big data technology company, helps organizations create new business value from previously inaccessible data

  • 91

    Saama Technologies

    Saama Technologies

    Saama is the leading data science consulting and solutions company delivering Analytics Advantage to Global 2000 clients

  • 92

    Search Technologies

    Search Technologies

    Is the leading trusted and independent technology services firm specializing in the design, implementation, and management of enterprise search and big data applications

  • 93



    Is an award-winning, full-stack Business Intelligence and Analytics software that’s leading the way into a new era of BI.

  • 94

    Sumo Logic

    Sumo Logic

    Experts in log management, scalable systems, Big Data, and security

  • 95



    Is a database industry and began building a commercial-grade solution designed to tackle the challenge of connecting and enriching diverse data at scale, quickly and cost effectively

  • 96



    Provides end-to-end solutions and services in data warehousing, big data and analytics , and marketing applications

  • 97



    TransUnion provides credit information and smart solutions to help businesses and individuals build stronger economies around the world

  • 98



    Is a provider of enterprise-ready, non-stop software solutions that enable globally distributed organizations to meet today’s data challenges of secure storage, scalability and availability

  • 99

    Xenolytix Preston Road

    Xenolytix Preston Road

    Provides services in Strategy, Product development, Data science, Accelerators and training

  • 100



    A leader in Big Data security, is an ISV that provides proven enterprise class data security for Big Data environments like Hadoop.