Top 20 Big Data Solution Companies - 2019

Small businesses and startups will drift towards the major public cloud providers, which are investing significant sums in building ready-to-run big data platforms, replete with automated machine learning, real-time streaming analytics, and analytical databases. Using AI platforms to process big data is a significant improvement in gathering business intelligence and improving efficiency. This can help minimize costs in several ways—such as by automating basic tasks, preventing the duplication of efforts, and eliminating simple, but time-consuming activities.

Approximately 2-3 exabytes of data are generated every single day, and data continues to grow exponentially in this digital age. With such a massive amount of data at stake – the only available answer is quantum computing as it will not only improve the speed of analyzing big data but will also help in classification and topological analysis of extremely complex data. IoT is even posing a concern regarding cybersecurity issue with all the data being collected. To address this perpetually imminent threat, big data companies can collaborate to help organizations implement data analytics as a tool to predict and detect cybersecurity threats.

Big data has extensive applications across all industrial verticals, in personal and industrial scenarios and has successfully enhanced not just organizational productivity but the economy as a whole. Based on market expertise and business prowess, CIOReview’s editorial board has conducted a profound assessment of big data solution providers and shortlisted some of the best organizations in the industry such as Remedy Analytics, Expression Networks, Gerber Technology, Evolved Analytics, and Naveego. We present to you – “20 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers – 2019”.

    Top Big Data Companies

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    Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (EEI) provides premier software and IT consulting services for leading financial institutions and premier wealth managers. EEI has established itself as one of the finest innovators in the FinTech community with its collaborative, outcome-based, and client-focused initiatives. EEI has developed award-winning solutions in the past few years, delivering outstanding quality, reliability, and ethics that exceed client expectations. Its Trusted Network Platform (TNP) facilitates seamless data access, aggregation, and transaction processing for over 75 financial institutions and 20 service providers. More than 8000 financial institutions across the world leverage the offerings of EEI to gain access to over 16,000 sources of financial data

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    Evolved Analytics helps in measuring and monitoring business and product performance through its solution, Data Modeler. The platform rapidly puts an organization’s existing data to work, automatically identifying the key driving variables and variable combinations for predicting and optimizing key performance indicators (KPIs). The intelligence platform leverages advanced and powerful algorithms to identify the driving variables quickly and a combination of variables to create explicit predictive models that can be used for discovery, optimization and “what if” evaluations. Subsequently, It puts the power of data analytics into the hands of business experts and problem solvers who know where the opportunities lie – regardless of industry or skill level

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    In this data-centric age, the troves of potentially useful data often appear as a deficiency rather than strength, as driving valuable insight from it is challenging. Companies from diverse sectors often lack the experience or capability to untie this perplexing knot associated with the wide array of available information. To this end, Expression Networks comes with its unwavering approach and offerings to help its clients in dealing with big data. With six core data analytics capabilities—structured and unstructured data store design and implementation, search and query algorithm design and optimization, data aggregation, data visualization, schema optimization, and ‘extract, transform, load’ (ETL) design and operations—the firm enables decision-makers and end-users to enjoy quick and efficient results for enhanced productivity

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    The company is a global leader in providing integrated hardware and software solutions to automate and more effectively manage the product design and manufacturing process in the fashion and flexible materials industries. With its agile, cloud-based digital platforms, the company helps brands and manufacturers move faster in a cost-effective manner with the highest quality, right from product conception to creation. Gerber delivers solutions that empower their customers to compete and thrive in today’s on-demand world

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    Hanumayamma Innovations and Technologies offers companies the technologies and tools to work with existing business processes, programs and environments, which are easily implemented, integrated and used. We provide simple innovative solutions for complex business problems in mobile application development and maintenance, systems integration, IoT, enterprise application integration, quality assurance and cloud services. We provide the expertise to synchronize project elements to ensure each deliverable reaches our clients on time, within budget, and precisely designed to achieve its development goals. The company takes up projects to design, develop and maintain computer systems and software to the requirements of its customers and later provide technical support upon completion of the projects

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    Innoplexus streamlines the decision making of organizations by generating broader, deeper, and faster insights from structured and unstructured private and public data. Its services are bolstered by cutting-edge and patent-pending artificial intelligence, blockchain, and advanced analytics technologies. Enterprises can transform their bath decision making into a robust continuum with the capabilities of Innoplexus, continually evaluating and improving their efficiency and cost optimization. Along with bolstering the research capabilities, it empowers pharmaceutical organizations to expedite their drug development across multiple stages, including preclinical, clinical, regulatory, and commercial. It facilitates seamless access to relevant information and removes the roadblocks that hinder discovery

  • 7

    Naveego is a leader in cloud-native data quality and master data management (MDM) solutions. Unlike legacy solutions that demand vast expertise, time, and money, to be implemented and maintained, Naveego’s software platform can be put to work within hours, resulting in immediate ROI. Naveego’s offering is disruptive because it is built self-service for the non-technical user. The company has made this possible with its cloud-first platform, connecting data sources using API plug-ins. The cloud service provides Golden-Record-as-a-ServiceTM to create a centralized, golden record of analytics-ready data from many data sources across an entire organization. The data silos, which are usually scattered across departments of an enterprise and multiple business applications, are brought together so that a user gets a 360-degree view of all information assets

  • 8

    Next Level Business (NLB) Services delivers enhanced business capabilities and insightful customer experiences. It combines the latest digital transformation solutions with the expertise of industry-leading experts to take their business to the next level. It guarantees access to a robust and validated network of hard-to-find people, empowering organizations to tackle their hard-to-solve problems. Its solutions have facilitated a 15 percent reduction in freight costs for a major industrial equipment manufacturer, 22 percent in payroll errors for a big food-processing firm, and a 48 percent reduction in back office and order management costs for a major 3PL provider

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    OGx Consulting specializes in maximizing enterprise value and growth potential for clients by leveraging a unique approach rooted in collaboration and comprehensive business analysis. The leading performance improvement firm delivers change by empowering clients to achieve profound business and operational results. OGx Consulting partners with clients to understand the reality of their business performance, and then, works with them to close the gap between that reality and their business aspirations to elevate their performance. The company also develops and implements technology solutions to improve the client's productivity and efficiency

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    Open Insights help enterprises achieve relevance in the new economy of interactions through deploying data-driven solutions to grow revenue from structured and unstructured Data assets. Open Insights was created with the belief that we are now fully in the economy of interactions where enterprises must have the ability and capacity to be relevant to its stakeholders at each and every interaction. Our products, our services, our people, our IP and our approach to collaborating with our clients, are entirely focused on both shortening the time to scale of the needed data environment to optimize the Relevance of Interactions AND to considerably de-risk the journey of this transformation

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    Remedy Analytics is a data-based, medication analytics company powered by its proprietary and state-of-the-art platform, PharmaLogic®. PharmaLogic® marks a paradigm shift as it transforms disparate medication claims data into actionable information, allowing employers to make educated decisions, achieve cost efficiencies, and instill practices designed to improve the well-being of employees. Today, Remedy Analytics' cutting-edge technology has helped several esteemed corporations such as CBS Corporation, The State of Vermont, Hudson News, and Aspire Health to make crucial prescription benefits decisions that affect millions of lives and help save tens of millions of dollars

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    47Billion is a product engineering services company specializing in end-to-end product development. It comprises business experts who understand the business domain, and are determined to empower organizations in defining their product requirements, visualizing the product from various touch-points of the end customer, designing of intuitive user interfaces, developing a robust and scalable architecture, suggesting appropriate infrastructure stacks, and creating a high-quality, scalable product. The technical expertise of 47Billion extends across segments like big data analytics, cloud computing, IoT, and mobile, and web applications. It has successfully deployed several projects in telecom, logistics, agriculture, ad-tech, tourism, education, healthcare, ERP for SMEs, IoT, and digital signages and kiosks

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    Dunn Solutions is a digital commerce and business transformation consultancy focused on delivering velocity to our clients. Velocity is achieved by the combination of both speed and direction. Dunn Solutions helps our clients achieve speed by automating business processes and direction using advanced analytics. Our teams align with organizations to optimize their unique processes and help them discover the most profitable routes to business success. Dunn Solutions' service offerings leverage the strength of our already assembled team of experts combined with the power of our cloud based partners to bring new solutions online quickly

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    Govini leverages data science and machine learning to transform the landscape of national security. Its unique dataset and analytics platform is utilized at scale across the OSD, joint staff, military departments, and defense agencies. The robust solutions of Govini empower the data scientists and analysts at DoD to solve challenges regarding strategic portfolio analysis, resource analysis, industrial base assessments, science and technology surveillance, and supply chain analysis. Its capabilities allow business leaders to facilitate superior innovation and modernization outcomes on shorter timelines and at a lower cost. Govini has offices in Arlington, Virginia, San Francisco, California, and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

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    Innominds is an innovation acceleration partner specializing in the design, development, and delivery of technological solutions for big data, data analytics, connected devices, and security. It aids enterprises in boosting their digital transformation initiatives. The innovative approaches of Innominds are built on foundational services such as UX/UI, application development, and testing. Equipped with a robust team of forward thinkers, Innominds pioneers in technology and engineering R&D. It arms the clients with the necessary tools to stay relevant and competitive in the market. Innominds is the only product engineering partner with integrated expertise in apps, device technologies, and analytics

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    Kavi Global

    Kavi Global

    Kavi Global is a boutique business analytics solutions company specializing in the automation of decision-making. Its data-driven solutions are designed to empower its clients in being more productive, profitable, and competitive. Kavi Global facilitates successful implementations by consolidating business and technology expertise, solutions delivery experience, and a proven process framework. Its comprehensive suite of offerings also includes consulting and support services across various industry-leading and open source technologies. By leveraging the power of analytically driven decisions, it helps the clients augment their corporate strategy and gain a competitive edge in the market

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    RI is driven by its curiosity to find new ways to unlock the potential of data and create more value for global clients. It believes in the democratization of data for the creation and sharing of relevant and accessible insights across organizations. As a global people and technology company with a deep understanding of industries and their trading challenges, RI combines its domain knowledge with innovation to discover new analytic approaches and techniques. It empowers its clients to trade more effectively with its data-driven analytics solution. Its client base includes Wal-Mart, Diageo, Mondelez, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Red Bull, Kimberly-Clark, and Danone-Waters

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    Semantix OpenGalaxy is a platform that provides the best Big Data solution technologies, engineering and data science development tools, and advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms ready for use in your business. Semantix is a benchmark company in Big Data and Data Science, which develops Data Driven solutions for organizations across all industries, generating insights for more assertive decision making, streamlining processes and increasing profitability and satisfaction. of the customer. Founded in 2010 in Brazil and today present in Latin America, Semantix provides products and solutions with complete Big Data and Artificial Intelligence platforms

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    SG Analytics

    SG Analytics

    SG Analytics offers robust research and analytics services, leveraging the vast experience across a range of knowledge processing disciplines, including investment research, market research, and analytics, along with innovative technologies to deliver high-end solutions to its global clients. It is one of the leading research and analytics companies to offer data-centric research and contextual analytic services. With offices in the US, the UK, Switzerland, and India, the reach of its services expand globally. It aspires for genuine involvement with its clients, equipping them with precisely generated intelligence that meets individual requirements, and maximizing the growth potential for all its stakeholders

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    Tableau Software [NYSE:DATA]

    Tableau Software [NYSE:DATA]

    Tableau Software delivers robust solutions designed to enable people see and understand the data around them. It provides revolutionary approaches for business intelligence, empowering organizations to connect, visualize, and share data seamlessly between devices. It demands no programming skill for the creation of public dashboards, which can be shared with colleagues, partners, and customers. The robust products developed by Tableau Software are revolutionizing the data utilization approaches of people in solving complex problems. It has made data analysis quick, easy, and beautiful through the incorporation of ideas that matter the most