Top 100 Big Data Solution Companies - 2014

As the market and the technologies evolve, scores of Big Data solution providers are positioning themselves for leadership across different sub-divisions under the Big Data umbrella including Analytics, Consulting, Infrastructure, Management, Visualization, Security Analytics, Apps and many more. Here are 100 Most Promising Big Data Companies 2014.

    Top Big Data Solution Companies

  • 1

    A provider of Customer Experience Management with analytics and multi-channel campaign management.

  • 2

    Helps organizations transform to become their very best, enabling clients to achieve their business priorities by optimizing assets, information, processes, systems, and human performance

  • 3

    A provider of data management solutions that provide better transparency, governance and regulatory compliance.

  • 4

    Provides object-based software defined storage that delivers unbreakable durability, infinite scalability and extreme efficiency for cloud-enabled datacenters.

  • 5

    Apption is a data analytics professional services company that helps businesses build valuable data assets and create operational analytics that integrate with enterprise applications.

  • 6

    Solves business problems through polydimensional analysis and secure collaboration.

  • 7

    ARGO designs and implements innovative,real-time, analytics-based solutions for fraud, healthcare, and financial services.

  • 8

    Delivers insights and business value from Big Data in real time.

  • 9

    Expert in creating software solutions that enable access, sharing and distribution of data across enterprise platforms, organizations, and the cloud.

  • 10

    A Big Data Analytics firm providing end to end solutions and services with an uncompromising focus on client success since 1994.

  • 11

    Helps complex organizations to leverage their data into enhanced actionable decisions.

  • 12

    Beyond the Arc helps businesses solve critical problems by leveraging data science and analytics to improve customer experience, increase marketing effectiveness, and strengthen operations.

  • 13

    Provides technology enabled real-time marketing predictions.

  • 14

    A provider of data analysis and statistical modeling services using open source platforms.

  • 15

    An information technology-consulting firm offering enterprise project management, business intelligence and e-business solutions.

  • 16

    Blue Canopy is a woman owned small business known for its exceptional quality execution, innovative solutions and industry experience.

  • 17

    A Big Data SaaS company that powers pricing and assortment decisions for the next-generation e-commerce stores.

  • 18

    A provider of investor communication, securities processing, outsourcing and analytics solutions to financial institutions and corporations globally.

  • 19

    An end-to-end management consulting and technology services company.

  • 20

    Enables clients to accelerate and maximize lead to money processes with a complete suite of solutions that identify the right leads.

  • 21

    Technology Consulting in business applications, datacenter and embedded technologies.

  • 22

    Determines the governance, business usage, data usage and technology decisions with Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics.

  • 23

    Provides data services for on demand analytics, enabling the access of heterogeneous data platforms and types.

  • 24

    Provides a horizontally scalable PostgreSQL database that runs SQL queries over very large data sets in real-time.

  • 25

    A data integration platform that integrates data to provide a unified view on critical business metrics.

  • 26

    Cognilytics is a global Big Data &Advanced Analytics Solution Provider with a mission statement to help clients monetize data as a strategic asset.

  • 27

    A Customer Relationship Management consulting firm, helping companies derive business value from their customer data base.

  • 28

    Develops real estate analytic products and tools to support financial institutions, institutional and retail investors, as well as property capital market activities.

  • 29

    Compuware APM manages challenging modern applications including mobile, cloud, Big Data and SOA.

  • 30

    Designs develops and deploys custom Data Warehouse and Performance Management systems.

  • 31

    Irrespective of the strategic initiatives across all the industry verticals, executives are working on the idea of using available data within the organization and derive intelligence out of it—for better performance, results and, actionable insights. Decision makers are soon realizing the need of having a fully fledged solution to operationalize the curated information to gain competitive advantage. Cygnus Professionals, a next generation global information technology company envisions in collaborating advance analytics and Big Data solutions with domain consulting to help progressive organizations translate the technical and conceptual foundation of Big Data into strategic values.

  • 32

    A company that specializes in providing testing automation solutions and services.

  • 33

    A company that specializes in providing data-centric security solutions for Big Data protection.

  • 34

    It helps organizations process and astutely consume data of all types with its unique capabilities, experience and technology expertise.

  • 35

    DataSkill is an advanced analytics, data integration and software engineering firm.

  • 36

    Data-Tamer offers a platform that lets businesses connect and enrich all their data for analytics, faster.

  • 37

    Provides collaborative BI and performance management software solutions to accelerate smart decision making.

  • 38

    An information analytics company focused on transforming decision-making using data science and technology

  • 39

    D&B is the world’s leading source of commercial data, analytics and insight on businesses.

  • 40

    Provider of real-time customer marketing software and managed services for communication service providers.

  • 41

    Provides project- based cost-effective solutions to software companies and large IT organizations.

  • 42

    Provides in-memory business intelligence solutions.

  • 43

    An Internet of Things software company that is focused on helping clients collect, store, visualize and interact with the data.

  • 44

    A provider of sophisticated modeling and cutting-edge mapping solutions to enhance enterprise-wide decision making.

  • 45

    Fuzion Analytics is a data mining and analytic services organization dedicated to serving the informational needs of the Long-Term Care insurance industry.

  • 46

    Provides scientific informatics services, bringing together science and mathematics with software engineering and knowledge management to visualize, predict and solve client opportunities.

  • 47

    Delivers purpose-built Big Data solutions for the management and integration of open source, commercial, and proprietary technologies.

  • 48

    A provider of data-driven energy management solutions to Fortune 1000 enterprises.

  • 49

    Focused on the practical application of machine learning and information extraction technologies to solve challenges faced by enterprises.

  • 50

    The company provides an end-to-end cloud-based social media intelligence and Big Data platform specifically designed for the automotive industry.

  • 51

    Experts in cloud financial applications including planning, consolidation, reporting and analytics.

  • 52

    Provides Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Search solutions and services to large Enterprises and mid to small sized businesses.

  • 53

    A provider of Vertica and Hadoop based solutions that help customers execute with effectiveness.

  • 54

    iResult is a for-profit social enterprise dedicated to youth success that builds solutions to highlight key information for decision makers.

  • 55

    A cloud-based data management platform that helps companies capture, analyze, protect and manage people data across all screens and sources.

  • 56

    Real-time and historical data analysis with kdb+ database platform.

  • 57

    Offers solutions that focus on business objectives as well as the technology.

  • 58

    A provider of global development, implementation and support of leading, fully-integrated real estate, asset and facility management systems.

  • 59

    A provider of Business Intelligence (BI) and analytical solutions for the retail and Consumer Packaged Goods industry.

  • 60

    Provides a differentiated Hadoop distribution by combining numerous open source packages with additional innovation.

  • 61

    Mattersight offers analytics focused on customer and employee interactions and behaviors to optimally route customers to the best available agents.

  • 62

    A provider of data science consultancy services.

  • 63

    Moser Consulting is a technology solutions company focused on 4 practices: Data Management, Infrastructure, Custom Application Development and Big Data.

  • 64

    Provides solutions and services in Big Data, cloud and infrastructure.

  • 65

    A data analytics and business intelligence consulting firm that strives to achieve superior performance through realization of the incredible potential of Big Data technologies to empower its customers.

  • 66

    Professional services firm focused on helping customers extract maximum value from their growing data assets.

  • 67

    Provider of a Big Data Business Intelligence platform.

  • 68

    Focuses on democratizing access to data by providing an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that is accessible from everywhere on any device but maintaining the enterprise needs for a governed, secured and scalable environment.

  • 69

    Provides full-service data mining and predictive analytics services and practice development.

  • 70

    Out-of-the-box, Cloud-based Analytics for Communications and Media companies.

  • 71

    Provides consultancy to develop and implement strategies and solutions for Big Data and analytics.

  • 72

    RedPoint is a developer of software applications that help companies to cost-effectively manage all their data, derive actionable insights from it, and take the most appropriate actions to monetize it.

  • 73

    Reflektion provides a Predictive Analytics Platform and easily deployable solutions for retailers and brands.

  • 74

    Experts in data warehousing, business intelligence, data integration and demand signal repository.

  • 75

    Offers solutions in applied Big Data for brick-and-mortar retailers, delivering real-time analytics that enable retailers to collect, analyze, and visualize actionable in-store data.

  • 76

    Provider of programmatic media-buying platform at Big Data scale that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence.

  • 77

    A pure play company offering data science solutions and services.

  • 78

    Combines the genius of the brain with the power of computing to enable more informed decisions in every data-intensive field.

  • 79

    Provides Sales Talent Optimization (STO) solutions to companies that leverage assessment and analytical technologies to help sales and human resource executives maximize their team’s performance.

  • 80

    A specialist company in advanced DBMS design and applications/systems integration for Big Data.

  • 81

    An IT services company offering enterprise search engine implementation, consulting and managed services.

  • 82

    Analyzes continuous and queried data from security-related devices and data sources to detect complex relationships, conditions and patterns in real-time.

  • 83

    Offers a proprietary platform that sources, analyzes and reports on key data points inside Chinese social media.

  • 84

    Strategy Analytics addresses the research and consulting needs of companies competing for Digital Consumers with its portfolio of services, consulting, and AppOptix telemetry platform.

  • 85

    Synergic Partners is a management and technological consultancy firm specialized in Data Management, Governance and Advanced Big Data Analytics.

  • 86

    Helps organizations make sense of complex data so that they can take informed action.

  • 87

    Provides an executive dashboard solution for business intelligence needs.

  • 88

    A studio that incubates, funds and launches data-driven businesses.

  • 89

    With a SaaS-based platform, Tracx allows brand marketers to directly manage their social media presence.

  • 90

    Provides tools and resources to help in information and risk management.

  • 91

    A provider of analytic tools, benchmarks, insights and services to the healthcare industry.

  • 92

    uReveal’s patented technologies enable users to harmonize vast amounts of data without costly and time-consuming extraction.

  • 93

    An Intellectual Property (IP) Management Software company, helping customers manage innovations and monetize IP’s.

  • 94

    A provider of innovative data analytics and software solutions.

  • 95

    Leverages expertise in Business Intelligence & Analytics and competency in industry- and domain-specific business processes.

  • 96

    Provides organizations with weather decision support on a global scale.

  • 97

    WebAction offers the Real-Time Big Data App Platform, an endto-end solution specifically designed for rapid deployment of Apps using your structured and semi-structured data sources.

  • 98

    A Big Data solution and infrastructure provider that uses raw real time business data to provide business operations with alerts, correlated visibility and recommended best actions in the “now ”.

  • 99

    Zencos offers practical and reliable solutions designed to meet the complex data challenges businesses face today.

  • 100

    A Big Data-driven marketing company that uses insightful analytics to acquire, engage and retain customers.