SIOS iQ Standard Edition Features Performance Root Cause Analysis for VMware Environments
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SIOS iQ Standard Edition Features Performance Root Cause Analysis for VMware Environments

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 21, 2015

SAN MATEO, CA: SIOS Technology distributer of software products that enable IT professionals to gain in-depth insights of business critical applications in data center has announced launch of SIOS iQ standard edition-a software platform tailored for IT operations in VMware environments.

SIOS iQ which is machine learning analytics software product capacitate IT managers with optimized performance and efficient asset utilization in virtualized environments. It features Performance Root Cause Analysis that reads connectivity between objects and their normal patterns of behavior in VMware infrastructure. Its approach to detect root cause of any hurdle in performance and suggestive measures to resolve the problem, equip IT staff with proper information in an easy to use, graphical interface and guidance without the noise of alert storms and false positives to address complex issues.

SIOS PERC Dashboard serves four dimensions of quality check to assure optimized VMware environment, those are performance, efficiency, reliability and capacity. The standard edition of SIOS iQhas capacity to elaborate charts with color-coded status indicators depicting intensity of critical issue, performance impact analysis showing all applications, VMs, hosts and data stores related with detected performance problem; to accumulate more knowledge into specific PERC areas. SIOS iQ standard edition provides deep understanding of operation issues associated with SQL Server deployments in VMware.

SIOS iQoffers intelligent way to configure Host Based Caching that utilize Solid State Disks to reduce storage and network traffic, increase density of the virtualization environment and accelerate application response time. SIOS iQ analyze the actual blocks, read ratio and load profile and accordingly recommends the amount of cache to add and the cache block size to configure.

Resource optimization feature of SIOS iQ Idle VM Analyzer detects under used virtual machines and snapshots. The Snapshot overview gives information about VM name, size, data store utilization percentage and age of snapshot as well as predicts the potential monthly savings after eliminating snapshots.

Brad Alexander, Director of Managed Services, Immedion, says, The SIOS iQ platform is exactly the approach companies need to ensure virtual environments deliver the levels of service that end users demand while reducing unnecessary cost and wasted resources.” SIOS iQ is a host-license based product that is solid as a renewable subscription and subscribers can receive new features and updates through the built-in automatic product update feature.